Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales 2024

Judge: Miss K Forster

Best Of Breed: Mrs KL JELFS Ch Lapema Malizioso (WG4)
Dog Challenge Certificate: Mrs KL JELFS Ch Lapema Malizioso 
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM
Bitch Challenge Certificate: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession 
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe From Russia With Love JW
Best Puppy In Breed: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics Troubleshooter 
Best Veteran In Breed: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM (VG4)

Veteran Dog. Entries: 1 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM

Puppy Dog. Entries: 3 (Abs: 0)
1st: Miss S WOLFE Souvenir of Sitka’s Unfinished Business avec Dreamwolves NAF TAF 
2nd: Miss F MORRIS Chayo Top Gun 
3rd: Ms L HOLT Breconfrost He’s Magicial (ai) 

Junior Dog. Entries: 1 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mrs S & Mr K HOOLEY Black Stripe at Dokkalfar 

Novice Dog. Entries: 0 (Abs: 0)

Post Graduate Dog. Entries: 1 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Shadowhunter 

Limit Dog. Entries: 1 (Abs: 1)

Open Dog. Entries: 4 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mrs KL JELFS Ch Lapema Malizioso 
2nd: Mrs S & Miss S BRANDENBERG & SMITH Chayo Its Kurt for Taronakits JW 
3rd: Mrs A ROPER Gr Ch Rom/swiss/bel Ch Libertia Never Say Never Tokosha (IKC) 

Veteran Bitch. Entries: 2 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mr G ROACH & Miss PA PYPER Celticice Selma Saorla
2nd: Misses DOBSON & WOLFE Sutarka La Dolle Vita

Puppy Bitch. Entries: 4 (Abs: 0)
1st: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics Troubleshooter 
2nd: Misses DOBSON & WOLFE Souvenir Of Sitkas Une Star Est Née via Dreamwolves (Imp Lux) NAF TAF
3rd: Ms L HOLT Breconfrost She’s Mystical (ai)
Reserve: Mrs S & Mr K HOOLEY Bartkennels Ljosalfar 

Junior Bitch. Entries: 3 Absentees: 0
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Charmed One 
2nd: Mrs KL JELFS Chayo High Jinks with Lapema 
3rd: Misses DOBSON & WOLFE Souvenir of Sitkas Une Star Est Née via Dreamwolves (Imp Lux) NAF TAF 

Novice Bitch. Entries: 1 (Abs: 0)
1st: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Fendi L’aquarossa 

Post Graduate Bitch. Entries: 0 (Abs: 0)

Limit Bitch. Entries: 2 (Abs: 0)
1st: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe From Russia With Love JW 
2nd: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Jupiter Rising 

Open Bitch. Entries: 6 (Abs: 3)
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession 
2nd: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Ch/Am/Hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl 
3rd: Mrs J YORK & Ms F  MORRIS Chayo Starstruck with Snowstruck 

Judge's Critiques

VD (1) 1 Nevinson’s Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM. 9 year old wolf grey & white male who I have had the pleasure of judging before, he is in super condition and still defying his years, such an impressive male who gives no question to his great strength and power, he stands on super straight boned limbs and compact feet, he is a large male who is totally balanced in head and body, his skull is broad and his ears set well, his eyes are medium brown in colour, a lovely shape and set beautifully, his neck is strong and broad, he is broad and powerful over the shoulders and his back is broad and firm, his hocks display great strength and he has the correct moderate angles, he moved with a positive gait which covered the ground with ease, he was presented in a full dense jacket and although he didn’t want to make the job easy for his handler today she did a super job getting the best out of him and he walked away with a very well deserved RCC and best veteran, he then was awarded veteran group 4, well done.

PD (3) 1 Wolfe’s Souvenir of Sitka’s Unfinished Business avec Dreamwolves NAF TAF – What a super well balanced puppy this is, at only 6 months of age he put in the performance that you would expect from a much older puppy, I was particularly impressed with how straight and true he was on the move when coming and going, definitely the best mover in the class, he presents a lovely shape in profile and he holds this when moving, his head is at just the right stage for his age and he has a nice eye for shape and set, his neck is already showing strength and he has a lovely topline both static and on the move, he stands on straight well boned limbs and is nicely angled throughout.
2 Morris’s, Chayo Top Gun. I really liked this grey & white puppy and he was unlucky to meet 1 today, this boy is a larger puppy and although they are almost matched on age this boy being larger is not yet quite as mature and his movement was more what you would expect of a baby this age, he scores well in head and has beautiful dark eyes, his ears are neat and well set, he has a lovely broad back and has super angles both front and rear, turned out to perfection and handled well, I feel he will be a bigger dog when finished than 1 so will take a little longer, he is certainly one to watch for the future. 

JD (1) 1 Hooley’s Black Stripe at Dokkalfar. I judged this young dog at his very first show when he was just a baby, he was a big ball of fluff then and still has loads of coat today, I would like him to have more bone and substance throughout, that said he does have a nice width to his skull, his eyes are super dark, his ears for me are set a tad low, and although he is not a big dog he is quite balanced and does hold a good shape on the move.

PGD (1) 1 Purfitt’s Samjoe Shadowhunter. At 18 months old this wolf grey & white male impressed me with his balanced outline, he scores well in head with a good width of skull, his ears are neat and set well, his eyes are medium brown in colour and are of correct shape and set well, he has ample bone and stands on lovely feet, he has a broad and deep chest and his top line is strong and has that desired slop towards his tail which is set on well and is well furnished giving that lovely waving plume, he has a lovely width to his rump and has a moderately angled rear with super strong hocks, he was very full of himself today and took a bit to settle on the move, his movement once settled is strong and positive, presented in a super jacket and excellent order throughout.

OD (4,1) 1 Jelfs Ch Lapema Malizioso. I have been lucky enough to have my hands on this super wolf grey & white male before and he pleased me just as much today as he did then, he is a super example of the breed, he is full of breed type and was presented in the best condition for both body and coat and when you get into that coat underneath he is well muscled throughout, on the move his hocks are so strong and he produces a strong well balanced gait and displays absolute power with every stride, he absolutely wants to move and his handler does a super job letting him show himself to his best advantage at all times, I don’t think piloting this powerful dog is an easy job, but his handler made it look like it was and she made sure he went at just the right pace and produced an easy balanced gait on side profile and coming and going away, he scores well in head which is broad and powerful and is matched with the correct proportions to his muzzle, he has a strong under jaw and lovely large teeth and his flews are dark in pigment and his eyes are also lovely and dark, almond in shape and set so well, his ears sit to perfection on the back of his skull, they are neat and well furred, his neck is strong and flows into a well placed shoulders, his chest is broad and deep and he stands on super straight well boned limbs, his pasterns have a slight slope which comes into play on the move making every foot fall light and never heavy when his foot meets the ground, his back is strong and straight, he has depth loin, his tail is set and used well and his strong hocks are well let down, It was going to take something very special to knock him off the top spot today and I was delighted to award him the CC and then BOB and super proud to watch him take group 4 in a super strong group under a very well respected judge from a top UK Malamute kennel, well done.
2 Brandenberg & Smith’s Chayo Its Kurt for Taronakits JW. This 3 year old grey and white dog is well off for breed type and very well off for coat which is presented in squeaky clean condition, he has a super front assembly, he scores well in head with pleasing eyes and well set ears, his neck has super strength and he holds a solid top line, to be picky I would like a tad more depth in loin and a tad more width in thigh, that said he does produce excellent drive from the rear on the move and holds a good shape, he was considered for the RCC today and would be very worthy of it but was just pipped by the super veteran male. 

VB (2) 1 Roach & Pyper’s Celticice Selma Saorla. A lovely bitch who has strong bone throughout and the correct length of leg to balance with her frame, she holds a super topline both static and moving and her tail is set on and used well, she has well balanced front and rear angulation, she moved out well with good drive from the rear, I would like a tad more reach in front on the move and this is where she lost out on best veteran bitch, she was presented in excellent order and handled so well.
2 Dobson & Wolfe, Sutarka La Dolle Vita. Unlucky to meet 1 today, this was a very close call, I just preferred the length of leg on 1, this bitch also has well balanced angles front and rear, her topline is strong and she has a lovely broad rump, moved out well and again presented in excellent order throughout.

PB (4) 1 Copley-Holland’s Katabatics Troubleshooter. This agouti & white bitch puppy who is almost a year old really excited me today, she had absolutely no trouble shooting to first place in the class and then taking the top puppy award of BPIB, she was also shortlisted to the last 6 in the puppy group and I shortlisted her myself for the BCC & RBCC spots in the breed, yes she is giving a bit away in age to the others I shortlisted but I felt she deserved consideration and I am sure awards of this calibre are not far out of her reach. She has such a well balanced static shape which she holds on the move, her head is developing at just the right pace, she has width of skull and a well balanced muzzle, her eyes are so dark and are set so well, her ears sit well on the back of her skull, she has a front assembly from the top drawer and its matched with her rear angles and connected by a super solid topline, she has such strong hocks even at this age and they power her around the ring and when teamed up with her reaching front action she produces a harmonious picture on the move, I absolutely loved her and will watch her with interest.
2 Dobson & Wolfe’s Souvenir of Sitkas Une Star Est Née via Dreamwolves (Imp Lux). At just 6 months of age this bitch puppy is also a very nice puppy, she looks to be in a coat transition stage which is making her look quite raw which makes her appear a tad long in back when compared to 1, but hands on tell a different story, she does hold a lovely shape in both profile and on the move, her head is showing great promise, She is litter sister to my puppy dog winner and like him she moves so well for her tender age, I expect she will definitely trouble the best once she matures on. 

JB (3) 1 Forsey’s Muzoku Charmed One. This class was very close and these two bitches will certainly change places many times. At almost 18 months old this wolf grey & white bitch is developing well, she has all the foundations to be a very exiting young lady, She scores well in head with a balanced skull to muzzle, neat ears set well, her front angles are beautifully balanced, to be critical she could maybe have a tad more length in leg but she isn’t finished yet, she holds a rock solid topline and has super width in her thighs, her hocks are well let down and strong, she moved round the ring displaying good reach and drive and held her topline at all times, presented in a thick dense jacket and handled well. 2
Jelf’s Chayo High Jinks with Lapema. A very close decision, both these girls are super, this grey & white bitch does score over 1 on leg length but I found the hocks on one slightly more let down, this bitch is younger at just 14 months so not quite as mature, she has a beautiful head, a strong neck and she stands on strong straight bone and the best of feet, she holds a good topline and used her tail on the move the majority of the time, she moved out with reach and drive. 

NB (1) 1 Robb’s Icewolf Fendi L’aquarossa. A very smart grey & white bitch, she has a well balanced shape in profile, she is well angulated both fore and aft, her head is well balanced, super dark eyes, neat ears set well, she stands on lovely straight bone, was presented in a lovely dense jacket, she moved out well and was handled well, there was nothing I could find I didn’t like about this bitch so feel once she matures into her prime she will be a strong contender for top honours.

LB (2) 1 Perfitt’s Samjoe from Russia with Love JW. What a cracking young bitch this is, she put in a top notch performance in every way today, she was so in sync with her handler and every time she came to a stop just like the open bitch winner she stood perfectly and held her topline to perfection, she has the desired slope towards the tail and after awarding the BCC to what I later found to be her half sister it was this bitch that just kept drawing my eye back to her and once I was told after judging that they were half sisters then it all made absolute sense that they would take the two top bitch spots today, this sister being the younger will no doubt have many more top wins coming her way, I feel she is entering her time and I will watch her with interest, her finer points for me today was her overall balance in both head proportions and body proportions which were matched with balanced angles, if I was to be critical she could stand a tad straighter in her hocks when static but on the move they are super strong and propelled her round the ring to produce a super side gait and true coming and going. Absolutely delighted to award her the RBCC today, well done.
2 Robb’s Icewolf Jupiter Rising. This wolf grey & white bitch was unlucky to meet one today, this bitch has the most exquisite head with such well set neat ears, she matches 1 on bone and substance, her topline is strong and straight but she did not quite match 1 for the slight slope to the tail and the decision being so close did come down to these small finer points, she moved out well displaying excellent reach in front and strong drive from the rear, presented and handled beautifully.

OB (6,3) 1 Forsey’s Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession. What a super example of the breed this grey & white bitch is, she is so well balanced from nose to tail, she cant help but stand four square every time she comes to a stop, she is not quite 4 yet and it came as no surprise to see she has her title, she has the most beautiful head, her expression is appealing and complimented by her lovely dark almond shaped eyes which are set well, her ears are neat and also set to the best advantage, her neck is broad and strong and flows into a well laid back shoulder which is complimented by her return of upper arm, she stands on strong straight bone and has super strong hocks and great feet, her topline is held both static and on the move and does she move, she covers the ground with ease and is true coming and going, delighted to award her the BCC today, she pushed hard for BOB.
2 Copley-Holland’s Ch/Am/Hr Ch Katabatic Hollaback Girl. This wolf grey & white bitch is keeping the best kept secret ever, she is approaching 8 years old and you would never think it to look at her condition and her energy in the ring, she is a larger bitch than 1 but also so beautifully balanced, her head is of super proportions, her eyes are a lovely shape and medium brown in colour, to be critical her ears could be set a tad lower than ideal, her strong neck flows into a super front assembly which is complimented by her rear angles, she has a good topline, but not quite as strong as 1, she really impressed me on the move, she covered the ground with ease and gave the impression she could go all day, I did consider her for the RCC and had no hesitation in awarding her Best Veteran Bitch. 

Kirstie Forster (Megalmar)