Health Sub-Committee

The Club has established a health fund. Income generated from membership donations, events, raffles and any other health related fundraising events will be ring-fenced along with any other income and this money will be made available to provide funding for research.
Anyone wishing to raise money for this fund by organising events, walks, raffles or to donate raffle prizes etc, can contact any of our members with their ideas and we’ll be more than happy to help. Also if you have any information on ongoing research for our breed needing funding, please let us know the details.

The AMCUK participated in the ‘Give a Dog a Genome’ Project started by the Animal Health Trust in 2017 to further DNA sequencing and address health issues by DNA analysis. Unfortunately, the AHT was dissolved in 2020 and its research passed on to the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at Cambridge University.

Sub-Committee Members

Sue Thompson. Shomont Malamutes, Est. 1989
Kath Howarth. Hawkam Malamutes, Est. 1991