CC Winners Table

Dog’s Name  Challenge   CertificateReserve CC
CH Chayo Cause Celebre419
CH Chayo My Prerogative404
CH Chayo Blue Diamond (ai)256
CH Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo239
CH Chayo All Eyes On Me196
CH Hawkeye Polarni Usvit (Imp CZE)1417
CH Chayo Vasilisa143
CH Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp RUS) JW1212
CH Snowshoes Aurora Borealis JW ShCM127
CH Monikoona Most Wanted JW116
CH Monikoona Casablanca ShCM112
CH Snowshoes The White Witch99
CH Lapema Malizioso88
CH Muzoku You’re My Obsession86
CH The Magician Bloody Mary Cedarcreek (Imp ITA)86
CH Koromandel Firefight (ai) ShCM85
CH Chayo Dom Perignon ShCM83
CH Chayo Golden Touch ShCM716
CH Chayo Klass Act JW75
CH Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik at Whitewalker (Imp Nor)75
CH/INT CH Chayo Forget Me Not73
CH Chayo Formula One73
CH/Mlt CH Equinox Woodvram Polarni Usvit JW ShCM (Imp)71
CH Kaskae Hooked On A Feeling67
CH Snowolf Black Ice Buddy67
CH Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM ShCEx VW67
CH Int/Am/Cro CH Chayo Pure Crystal65
CH Follow My Dreams Polarni Usvit Via Dreamwolves65
CH Chayo Better Than Chocolate64
CH Shomont Rasin Cain ShCM64
CH Skidooshooz Spot Lites On Me JW64
CH Kaskae Butterfly Lily63
CH Siskara The Spy Who Loved Me JW510
CH Chayo Elise58
CH Tuvaurat Made In America JW ShCM55
CH Koldsnap Aprilia Mille52
CH Snowolf Manhatten Marvel48
CH Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit (Imp CZE)47
CH/Am GCH Adair ‘N’ Hug Casual Class (Imp USA)46
CH Windberg Paparazzi to Fenrirkin ShCM46
CH Chayo Vanquish45
CH Kaskae Oasis44
CH Jaydonspire’s True Grit42
CH Am GCHb Adair’n’Hug Rythm And Blues43
CH Packice Neiden Winterling42
CH Chayo Inspiration JW ShCM41
CH Int/Lux/Ger/Bel/Nl CH Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod (Imp CZE) JW ShCM39
CH Chayo Pulling Power At Lireva38
CH/Jsy CH Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals36
CH/Can CH Winterchill’s Task Force36
CH Am/Hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl35
CH Koolrunnings Plymouth Gin JW (Imp AUS)35
CH Chayo One Moment In Time JW34
CH Kaskae Counting Snowflakes34
CH Tokosha Atka JW ShCM34
CH Cedarcreek Frozen River33
CH Chayo Careless Whisper33
CH Chayo Classic Design33
CH Hawkam’s Harlequin ShCM33
CH Nordicwinds Jazz Singer33
CH Shakira Northwest Arctic (Imp POL)33
CH Snowolf Manhatten Heatwave33
CH Snowolf Canuck Bullit33
CH Tokosha Issumatar33
CH Wolfraven Rumor’s Nebula JW33
CH Chayo Causin Chaos32
CH Dreamwolves C’Est La Vie32
CH Mlt Ivram Bradliey Your The One at Snowshoes (Imp MLT)32
CH Ir/HR/Int Ch Libertia Reggae Master32
CH/POl CH Monikoona Appalachian Rock of Icycool32
CH Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul of Cupun (ai)32
CH Snowolf Blackpowder Chick32
CH Tugidak of Jaydonspire (Imp NED)32
CH Wintablizard’s Investment (ai)32
CH Austmans Cowboy Casanova at Jaydonspire31
CH/INT CH Chayo Blue Thunder31
CH Chayo Cookie Monster for Wintadreama Ir J Ch ShCM31
CH Chayo Moet Chandon31
CH Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai)31
CH Libertia In The Red Again at Shomont31
CH Lord Of the Ring Appalachian31
CH Marahootay Sorcery at Shamanictrax31
CH You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp DE)31
CH Chayo Fortune Cookie30
CH Snowshoes Who Dares Wins30
CH Lux/Ger/NL/Bel/Int Ch Toolik’s A River Of Dreams30
Int/Pol/Ger CH Rasta Man Shamanrock30
Ger/IntNL Ch Cristakell April Shadows JW ShCM213
Cedarcreek Frozen In Time28
Arctictrek Georgia’s Dream at Wintalakes ShCM27
Chayo Blue Velvet25
Arcticbreeze Evening Mist24
Cupun’s Masterpiece23
Gwinner Lapema Star De Jungla Negra (imp)23
Hawkam Leading Lady of Kachemak22
Ir Ch. Monikoona Chasing Rainbows22
Noraisy Take My Breath Away JW22
Polarpaws Naknek Dreamer ShCM22
It/Int CH Black Star Del Biagio21
Chayo Sapphire Blue at Snowstruck21
Icewolf Devil May Cry21
DK Ch. Inupiat’s Quuniqsuq Jason21
Ir Ch Lueldar Too Legit To Quit Ir JCh, CJW1621
Stalbridge Summertime In Skidooshooz21
Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo20
INT/ Ch Giving a New Royal Star de Jungla Negra20
Icewolf I’ll Be Back20
Icycool Sweet As Sugar Monikoona (ai)20
Kaytoo Where Legends R Born20
Monikoona Lady Luck Of Fanillalaafon20
Snowshoes Shadow at Wintablizard ShCM20
Arcticbreeze Midnite Hero17
Gorkeane De Jungla Negra (imp)15
Icycool Ottawa14
Lapema Nino Vudu JW14
Arcticbreeze Lady Imocara13
Icewolf Its Only Witchcraft (ai) JCh LUX13
Lapema Angel De Cambios JW ShCM13
Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW13
Snowshoes Touch Of Class13
Whitewalker Winterfell13
Celticwolf Long Night12
Chayo Distinctive12
Chayo Easy On The Eye12
Chayo Fortune Comes to Wintalakes12
Chayo Trust The Magic12
Chayo Vanilla Ice at Koldsnap12
Dark Diamond Snowflake Of Engel At Muzoku JW ShCM (Imp)12
Icewolf Jupiter Rising12
Pol Ch Ilia Lucky Appalachian12
Northspirit A Star Is Born12
Akaila’s Wolfraven Tuk-So (Imp USA)11
Casiat Ombre Del Buio11
Chayo About Time11
Chayo Starstruck with Snowstruck11
Cristakell April Solstice11
Hawkam Leading The Trail via Amaqqut11
Icewolf Eyes On The Prize JW ShCM11
Int/Lux/NL/Bel/Ger Ch Icewolf Strike A Pose ShCM11
Indian Dreamcatcher Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (imp POL)11
Justami Meoquanee Per Lapema JW11
Kaiyuh Lucky Chance11
Kaskae’s Fire Opal (ai)11
Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss11
HR Ch Lera Del Biagio11
Shepherdsway Wovoka of Snowolf11
Shiva Storm At Nordicwinds11
Snobruk Howling Wolf11
Tailfly Rainbow Princess11
Am Ch Awanuna N Kasaan Fortune Factor10
Am Ch Awanuna’s Strike A Pose10
Blaiddeira Born To Be Wild10
Cedarcreek Exclusive at Whitewalker10
Chayo No Limits10
Chayo Spellbinder10
Chayo Top Class10
Cristakell April Moon over Muzoku10
Cristakell April Showers at Chardicea10
Int Ch Multi Ch Destiny Child Shamanrock for Alaicha (Imp CZE)10
Hyteton Relu Silver Moon for Luponooshka10
Icewolf A Touch Of Class for Austmans10
INT/RO/CY/MR/ME/AZ Ch. Icicle Creek’s Superstar at Magician10
Ir/Int Ch Kishdigra Criminal Intent Ir JCh CW1810
Koromandel Glamorous Indie10
Slo/Ir Ch. Libertia Poison Ivy of Velvetmist10
Ir/Int Ch Lueldar Dixie Chick Jun Ch CW1510
Monikoona Behind Brown Eyes10
Monikoona Fabulous Me10
HR CH Moonfrost Master Of Magik JW10
Int CH Moonfrost Show Me The Magick10
Mountain Home Sledog Pride (Imp USA)10
Neskyla Star Sopra Lapema10
Nordicwinds All Attitude10
Nordicwinds American Idol JW ShCM10
Nowitnas Ataataga Tabbaq von Catua10
Okinastar First Lady10
Int/Can/Am Ch. Onak’s This Is All About Me10
Polarpaws Live N Hope at Sutarka10
Royaltaylor Crown Jewel JW10
Shepherdsway Emperor10
Shomont Rasin Hell10
Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine10
Skidooshooz Dock Of The Bay (ai)10
Skywalker Sausimayok10
NL/Lux/Am Ch Sno Quest’s Limited Edition10
Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover’N Blk (Imp)10
Tango Del Lago Degli Orsi (Imp ITA)10
Int/Bel Ch Tokosha Made You Look (ai) ShCM10
Tokosha Siku10
Tuvaurat American Girl10
Weyekin’s Light My Fire within Arctictribe10
Bel Ch Wintablizard Gin Lover (ai)10
Winterchill’s Dark Mischief of Winterscall (Imp CAN)10
Icycool Oriana05
Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits04
Lapema Reina Una Stella ShCM04
Tailfly Rainbow Ribbons04
Casiat Fuori Dal Mondo Di Alchawak JW ShCM03
Cedarcreek Frozen Asset03
Orsamals C’est Moi Fifi03
Shomont Rasin Suspicions Among Cristakell JW ShCM03
Arcticbreeze Midnite Wispa02
Catua A Kind Of Majyk JW02
Cedarcreek Exquisite02
Chayo Suspicious Minds02
Hawkam’s Irresistible02
Hyteton Tebo Miss Magnum by Snowolf02
Ice Gangsta’s Ball Of Fyre for Chayo02
Jaydonspire True Heart02
Ir CH Kishdigra Smooth Operator CW2202
Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy02
Lapema Angelo Di Armonia for Everheart02
Lapema Angelo Di Ciel02
Lapema Gia Visto02
Malamaison Tel It As It Is02
Am GCH/Nl CH Marahootay Prince Of Persia02
Mazurstar Mamba Berry02
Monikoona Isildurs Light LUX JCh02
Nordicwinds American Dream JW ShCM02
Roma Monikoona’s Sunrise (Imp)02
Siskara Dead Ringer For Love02
Snobruk Super Charged with Conyzone02
Am Ch. Sno Quest’s Gold Standard02
Snowolf Long Island T02
Sutarka Fire Storm02
Tuvaurat Valentino02
Wolfraven Galactic Halo02
IT/INT/FIN Ch Alexan Del Biagio01
Angie Del Biagio01
Anson Del Biagio01
Arcticbreeze Midnite Titan01
Arcticdawns Free And Easy at Kaytoo01
Arctictrek Venus Rising01
Arcticwolf Limited Edition at Tailfly01
Am Ch Black Ice’s High Voltage01
Bossanova Bliss at Freezefactor Of Unesdala (Imp)01
Candrakanta Moon Child at Icemoon01
Am Ch Catera’s Just Showin Off01
Catua On The Run01
Cedarcreek Angel of Mercy01
Cedarcreek Driving Me Crazy01
Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen01
Cedarcreek Heart Of London01
Chayo Finesse01
Chayo Fortune And Glory01
Chayo Glitterbug01
Chayo Gold Dust01
Int Ch Lux Ch NL Ch Chayo I Want It All01
Chayo Miss Moonfrost01
Chayo Northern Quest01
Chayo Rumour Has It for Cristakell01
Chayo Sweet As Sugar01
Cherubini Midnight Wolf01
BEL CH Chinanook Just A Girl (Imp BEL)01
Cinneli Polar Maple at Ayakulik01
Cristakell Aeolian Nite01
Cristakell Quin Sirius01
Ch Crusader Del Biagio01
Diamond Diosa Snowflake Of Engel at Muzoku (Imp)01
Dreamwolves J’Adore at Orsamals01
Electra Illa Kuvianartok at Whiteout (Imp POL)01
Grace Hajndlberg’s Alaskan Malamutes [ATC]01
Iceclimb Ascent01
Icewolf Fire N Ice01
Icewolf Shaken Not Stirred01
Icycool Atomic (ai)01
Jaydonspire Moon River01
Kasaan’s Marahootay Diamonds N Pearls01
Kinuk’s Ice Man01
Kishdigra Beautiful Dreamer01
Koolrunnings Rock With U (Imp AUS)01
Koromandel Somebody Told Me JW01
Lapema Gianna De Royito01
Int CH Legacy Of Ayla Alaskan Beauty01
Ir CH Libertia Americano01
Libertia Truly Scrumptious01
Slo CH Lueldar Got Something To Say To You [ATC]01
Luponooshka Barbarian (ai)01
Mayook Del Biagio01
Mottomo Kirei No Yukimigata (Imp)01
Muzoku Men Of Mayhem01
INT/DK Ch. My Alaskan Icy Cougar01
Noelle Del Biagio WW01
Nordicwinds Miss Marvel01
Northspirit Born For Glory within Arctictribe01
Nyrakym’s All That Remains Samaljankan to Cristakell (Imp USA)01
O’ Kinastar Fire Me Up ShCM01
Polarpaws Fatal Attraction at Shamanictrax01
Prince Marshall01
Samjoe From Russia With Love JW01
Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai)01
Shepherdsway Regal Queen of Casiat01
She Is Hell’s Angel Shamanrock01
Siskara Bohemian Rhapsody01
Siskara We Will Rock You01
Snobruk Spirit of Fire at Wintatrails JW01
Sno Quest’s Gonna Fly Now to Chayo (Imp USA)01
Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp RUS) JW01
Snow Legend Zest For Life Cedarcreek (Imp RUS)01
Snow Place Like Nome from Dreamwolves01
Snowshoes Lady Eska01
Soul Of Alaska Bring Action for Redrebels01
HR/EW/IT CH Starlight Express Del Biagio01
Stormchaser Prince Of Darkness mit Marahootay01
Sutarka La Dolle Vita01
Sutarka Sala Delle Asse01
Tailfly Heart Of Gold01
Tailfly To The Runner01
Waytogo Austin Sausimayok for Cedarcreek (Imp POL)01
Wintablizard Cowabunga01


Table correct to Manchester 18/01/24