WELKS 2022

Judge: Miss Elina Haapaniemi

BEST OF BREED: Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes The White Witch
Dog CC: Mrs S ELLIS Ch Chayo Cause Celebre
Reserve Dog CC: Mrs KL JELFS Lapema Malizioso
Bitch CC: Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes The White Witch
Reserve Bitch CC: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku You’re My Obsession
Best Puppy In Breed: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe From Russia With Love

Veteran Dog (Entries: 5) Abs: 1
1st: Mr I  PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Ch Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik at Whitewalker (Imp NOR) 
2nd: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM 
3rd: Mrs ND LOVEGROVE Weyekin’s Light My Fire within Arctictribe 
Res: Mr D & Mrs E WALKER Ir Ch Lueldar Too Legit Too Quit Ir JCh

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries: 2) Abs: 0
1st: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics This Is The Way
2nd: Misses K & C DRUCE Kaskae Hell Of A View (ai)

Puppy Dog (Entries: 5) Abs: 1
1st: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Los Angeles Lakers
2nd: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Snow Legend Zenith Of Fame Nordicwinds (Imp RUS) 
3rd: Ms L HOLT Freezefactor Savvy Affair TAF
Res: Misses K & C DRUCE Kaskae Hell of A View (ai) 

Junior Dog (Entries: 5) Abs: 0
1st: Mr A & Mrs D LUNN Nordicwinds Jazz Singer
2nd: Mrs S BRANDENBERG & Miss S SMITH Chayo Its Kurt for Taronakits 
3rd Place: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Los Angeles Lakers 
Res: Miss G KEELING Kishdigra De Divil Never Sleeps
VHC: Ms L HOLT Freezefactor Savvy Affair TAF 

Yearling Dog (Entries: 1) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW 

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 3) Abs: 1
1st: Mr D & Mrs E WALKER Lueldar Ready To Rumble (ai) 
2nd: Mr K MARTIN Wen Magick Happenz at Dreamwolves

Limit Dog (Entries: 7) Abs: 2
1st: Miss ME PALASINSKA Anson Del Biagio (Imp ITA)
2nd: Mrs NA BROUARD Orsamals Pepe Le Peew (GKC)
3rd: Miss A VASARHELYI Okinastar Im The Man
Res: Mrs J YORK Chardicea Mr Mcfly with Snowstruck 

Open Dog (Entries: 6) Abs: 3
1st: Mrs S ELLIS Ch Chayo Cause Celebre
2nd: Mrs KL JELFS Lapema Malizioso
3rd: Mr R & Mrs N RABY Yuayua at Icemoon (Imp SWE)

Veteran Bitch (Entries: 9) Abs: 3
1st: Mr J WADRUP Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit
2nd: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Cedarcreek Frozen In Time
3rd: Mrs D JARVIS & Mrs S TROISI Nordicwinds All Attitude
Res: Misses K & C DRUCE Ch Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai) 
VHC: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Diamond Diosa Snowflake Of Engel at Muzoku 

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries: 3) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs NA BROUARD Orsamals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp GKC)
2nd: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Sweet As Sugar 
3rd: Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Snowshoes Torvi

Puppy Bitch (Entries: 4) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe From Russia With Love
2nd: Mrs NA BROUARD Orsamals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp GKC)
3rd: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Snow Legend Zest For Life Cedarcreek (Imp RUS)

Junior Bitch (Entries: 5) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Distinctive
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe From Russia With Love
3rd: Mrs KL JELFS Lapema Bella Dannata

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 6) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe The Good Witch 
2nd: Miss G KEELING Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss
3rd: Mr R & Mrs N RABY Moon’s Nordicstars Burning Flame (Imp SWE)
Res: Ms SA McIVER Snowshoes Shimmering Star 

Limit Bitch (Entries: 8) Abs: 4
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku You’re My Obsession 
2nd: Mrs T, Mr A & Miss L DOLAN Siskara Dead Ringer For Love 
3rd: Miss RJ BROWN Cupuns Masterpiece 
Res: Miss A VASARHELYI Okinastar All Of The Lights

Open Bitch (Entries: 10) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes The White Witch
2nd: Miss G KEELING Ir Ch Kishdigra Fallen Angel Ir JCh CJW’19
3rd: Mrs T, Mr A & Miss L DOLAN Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine
Res: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Causin Chaos
VHC: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals


Thank you for a pleasant afternoon and a very nice entry as well as accepting my decisions so sportingly. Weather conditions were appropriate for the breed to say the least! I last judged the breed at Windsor Ch. Show in 2016. In my preamble to my report I then wrote that “the Alaskan Malamute is first and foremost a working dog, so soundness and correct proportions were high on my list of priorities”. Sound construction not forgetting correct breed type is of utmost importance. I was a little taken aback with so much variation in type, size and proportions – almost to the extent that I thought I was judging AV Alaskan Malamute! The breed standard also calls for an ”affectionate, friendly and loyal” dog. Some temperaments were unfortunately suspect. I was very happy with the quality of my main winners, particularly the CC and Res CC winners as well as my Best Puppy and the lovely Veteran female.

VD (5,1)
1 Pullin & Mountstephens’ Ch Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik At Whitewalker (Imp Nor). Eight and three quarter year old excellent veteran male shown in lovely condition. Masculine dog with excellent length of leg. Super head shape, good eye and expression, well off for bone and has excellent feet. Good neck and body. Really came to his own on the move.
2 Nevinson’s Ch Chayo Golden Touch. Seven year old strong male. Has a quality head, needs darker eye. Medium bone. Good body. Nice mover. 

MPD (2)
1 Copley-Holland’s Katabatic’s This Is The Way. Eight month old masculine pleasing quality puppy. Has a promising outline and nice proportions. Has a lovely head and super dark eye. Medium bone. Very well put together and moves well for age.
2 Druce’s Kaskae Hell Of A View (ai). Seven month old dog puppy who needs more time for development. At the moment he is still very narrow all through. Nice head, but ears a little soft. Would like better hind angulation. Needs more training on the move as he paces easily.

PD (5,1) 1 Robb’s Icewolf Los Angeles Lakers. Nine and a half months old masculine puppy, medium sized and the most typical in this class. Head breaking well. Nice outline, well proportioned. Well made and a good mover.
2 Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s Snow Legend Zenith Of Fame Nordicwinds (Imp Rus). At ten months he is a little long cast and low on the leg. Promising head, medium bone, enough body for age. A tad long in loin. Good hindquarters. Nice mover. 

JD (5)
1 Lunn’s Nordicwinds Jazz Singer. 15 month old tall youngster with a definite mind of his own! Masculine male, pleasing length of leg. Very nice head. Good bone, very nice body for age and sound quarters. Capable mover.
2 Brandenberg & Smith’s Chayo Its Kurt For Taronakits. 13 month old masculine young male, who now needs to firm up a little. Quality head, nice neck and decent bone. Front needs time. Would like to see better front movement, but drives well behind. 

YD (1) 1 Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s Nordicwinds Grtest Showman. 16 month old masculine male of ideal size. Very nice length of leg. Head needs to break a little more. He is well proportioned and has good angulation fore and aft. Would like bigger feet. Good mover.

PGD (3,1)
1 Walker’s Lueldar Ready To Rumble. Medium-sized male of very nice type and proportions. Correct head shape, would like darker eye. He is soundly made and workmanlike. Moves well. His poor tail was rather sparsely coated.
2 Martin’s Wen Magick Happenz At Dreamwolves. Two years and nine months old male,who is too square. Better angulation fore and aft would help Has a lovely masculine head. Medium bone. Lacks extension and drive on the move.

LD (7,2) Very mixed class of differing types
1 Palasinska’s Anson Del Biagio (Imp Ita). Three year old masculine dog of very pleasing type. He is workmanlike and has correct proportions Excellent bone and nice length of body. Good quarters. Would prefer better drive on the move.
2 Brouard’s Orsamals Pepe Le Peew (GKC). Three year old masculine male who is a little square. Lovely head. Medium bone. Slightly better angulation would help and needs more power and drive on the move. 

OD (8,3)
1 Ellis’ Ch Chayo Cause Celebre. Four and a half year old beautiful male of excellent type and well proportioned. Not in his best coat, but well conditioned and shown in good muscletone. Excellent male head. Super bone and proper Malamute feet. Excellent powerful mover. CC.
2 Jelf’s Lapema Malizioso. Two year old young, slightly exuberant male of lovely type Excellent head shape. He is very nicely made, has sound quarters and is well angulated. Just needs to firm up a little in front movement. Only young and needs a little more time to come to his best. Res.CC. 

VB (9,3) This was a rather mixed class.
1 Wadrup’s Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit. Eight year old, absolutely delightful veteran shown in excellent condition. Not in full coat, but beautifully conditioned. A very beautiful and well balanced female of lovely size. Looks like she could go all day. Feminine lovely head. Soundly made and well balanced. Excellent mover.
2 Page’s Cedarcreek Frozen In Time. A young veteran at seven years. Feminine and of pleasing type. Well proportioned and has nice length of leg. Would like better front and movement. 

MPB (3)
1 Brouard’s Orsamal’s C’est Moi Fifi (Imp GKC). Eight months old, pleasing feminine puppy. Nice length of leg and has good angulation. Super head with lovely dark eye of correct shape. Moves well for age.
2 Ellis’ Chayo Sweet As Sugar. Also eight months, but shown in light coat condition. Needs more time. Good skull, but would like more strength in muzzle. Very good body and rear, but needs to improve in front.

PB (4,1)
1 Perfitt’s Samjoe From Russia With Love. 11 month old promising puppy bitch with excellent temperament. Pleasing type and typical proportions. Head is breaking well. Medium bone. Very good body for age. Nicely angulated behind. Good mover. Best Puppy.
2 Brouard’s Orsamals C’est Moi Fifi (Imp Gkc). First in MPB, please see notes above. 

JB (5,2)
1 Ellis’ Chayo Distinctive. 18 month old very lovely young bitch who promises well for the future. Well handled and carries herself to advantage. Super shape and so very well made. Beautiful head, nice eye and expression. Good bone. Well bodied for age and has well angulated quarters. Sound and capable mover.
2 Perfitt’s Samjoe From Russia With Love, First in PB, please see notes above.

PGB (6,2) 1 Perfitt’s Samjoe The Good Witch. Two year old medium-sized very pleasing feminine bitch. Lovely type, many good breed details. Feminine head of excellent shape, well set and carried ears. Medium bone. Well bodied and has a very good rear and angulation. Sound on the move.
2 Keeling’s Kishdigra The Criminal’s Kiss. Three year old strong bitch who is a little too heavy overall. Good head and nice expression. Needs a better front, strong body. Decent mover. 

LB (8,4)
1 Forsey’s Muzoku You’re My Obsession. Three+ year old female of very lovely type and plenty to like about her. Shown in excellent hard condition. She is beautifully headed. Excellent outline, well proportioned and soundly made. Super mover. Res CC
2 Dolan’s Siskara Dead Ringer For Love. Three and half year old bitch, who I would like more feminine overall. Strong, powerful bitch. Excellent bone. Nicely made and moved well. Very good head shape, eye and expression. 

OB (9,1)
1 Smith’s Ch Snowshoes The White Witch.My star of the day! Four year old female of lovely type, proportions and size. She just oozes correct type. Feminine beautiful head, very nice eye and expression. Soundly made from top to toe and a very capable mover. Correct coat quality, very well conditioned. Capably handled to bring out the best in her. I last judged the breed at Windsor in 2016 when White Witch’s dam, the lovely Ch Snowshoes Aurora Borealis was BOB. So pleased to see that she has produced such a top quality daughter. A very well deserved CC & BOB.
2 Ir Ch Kishdigra Fallen Angel Ir Jr Ch, CJW’19. Almost four year old female of similar type, but stronger overall. Pleasing outline. Nice head, well put together and a really good mover. 

Elina Haapaniemi