South Wales Kennel Association 2023 Results

Judge: Roger Cruden

BEST OF BREED:Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession 
Dog Challenge Certificate:
Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch Snow Legend Believe in You Cedarcreek JW (Imp RUS)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND & Dr JE & Mrs RA HUG Ch/Am GCHb Adair’n’ Hug Rythm and Blues
Bitch Challenge Certificate: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals Pdh 
Best Puppy In Breed: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Charmed One 
Best Veteran In Breed: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Ch/Am/Hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl 

Veteran Dog (Entries: 2) Abs: 0
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Cristakell April Moon over Muzoku 
2nd: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM 

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries: 0) Abs: 0

Puppy Dog (Entries: 1) Abs: 1

Junior Dog (Entries: 1) Abs: 1

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 3) Abs: 0
1st: Misses EJ DZIERGAS & KL ASHWORTH James Bond Illa Kuvianartok at Nunataq (Imp POL)

Limit Dog (Entries: 2) Abs: 2

Open Dog (Entries: 11) Abs: 3
1st: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek JW (Imp RUS)
2nd: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND & Dr JE & Mrs RA HUG Ch/Am GCHb Adair’N’ Hug Rythm and Blues
3rd: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Orsamals Pepe Le Peew  Pdh (GKC)
Res: Ms D REID Ch Austmans Cowboy Casanova at Jaydonspire 
VHC: Mrs KL JELFS Ch Lapema Malizioso

Good Citizen Dog: (Entries: 0) Abs: 0

Veteran Bitch (Entries: 4) Abs: 1
1st: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Ch/Am/Hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl 
2nd: Mrs D JARVIS & Mrs S TROISI Nordicwinds All Attitude
3rd: Misses K & C DRUCE Ch Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai)

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries: 2) Abs: 1
1st: Miss AL DARLOW Juneau’s Bright Future for Iceclimb (Imp DNK)

Puppy Bitch (Entries: 2) Abs: 1
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Charmed One

Junior Bitch (Entries: 1) Abs: 1

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 1) Abs: 0
1st: Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST Kaskae My Wonderwall 

Limit Bitch (Entries: 4) Abs: 0
1st: KE COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatic Adair’n’hug It’s Me You’re Looking For (Imp USA)
2nd: Mrs KL JELFS Lapema Bella Dannata 
3rd: Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST Kaskae’s Fire Opal (ai) 
Res: Mrs NA BROUARD Orsamals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp GKC)

Open Bitch (Entries: 7) Abs: 3
1st: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession 
2nd: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals Pdh 
3rd: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch The Magician Bloody Mary Cedarcreek (Imp ITA)
Res: Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST Ch Kaskae Oasis 

Good Citizen Bitch (Entries: 0) Abs 0

Judge's Critiques

My final act of awarding CCs in Mals (and all breeds) and seemed fitting as I started my journey in Builth Wells with Malamutess and finished in Builth Wells with Malamutes so full circle done. Mals have always been my favourite breed to judge and I can honestly say I enjoyed meeting every dog irrespective of where I placed them. I saw a number of faces that I remember from the very start and huge thanks to them and also to everyone else who kindly entered and made the trek to Builth.

VD (2) 1 Cristakell April Moon over Muzoku (Forsey) 8 year old I have had the pleasure of meeting before. Body in really good condition and he hasn’t lost what I liked about him last time around, he has a really easy gait and covers ground effortlessly and true.
2 Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM (Nevinson) Slightly older 8 year old of a different type, also in very good condition, moving well on good feet.

PGD (3,1) 1 James Bond Illa Kuvianartok at Nunataq (Imp Pol) (Dziergas & Ashworth) 20 month B/W pleasing in many ways. He was of a nice size, decent done and feet and nice enough profile but he had a habit of stretching himself creating a non-straight topline and this spoils him somewhat.
2 Kaskae Hell Of A View (Druce) 2 year old B/W and a lot taller rangier type than 1. Seems to be of a slow maturing line as still needs to fill out in the relevant places. Moved pretty well but didn’t quite have the profile I prefer.

OD (11,3) 1 Ch Snow Legend Believe in You Cedarcreek JW (Imp Rus) (Page). 5 year old g/w and probably the best I’ve had under me from this kennel. He is a nice size and build and a joy to go over. Has good bone and I don’t mean heavy as some seem to associate with mals, nice shaped feet that point straight forward. Moves very easily with lovely waving plume. Delighted to award him the DCC. 2 Ch/Am Gchb Adair’N’Hug Rythm and Blues 4 year old darker g/w and one that pushed 1 all the way. Lovely constructed, in good condition and also with a lovely plume. He has gone back to America now I believe so can say that I preferred feet on 1 to this boy. RDCC. 

VB (4,1) 1 Ch/Am/Hr Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl (K E Copley-Holland) 7 year of pleasing type. Nicely balanced feminine skull, good forehand with tight feet. Held topline well with good tailset and tail. Correct moderate angulation in the rear and moved very easily and true.
2 Nordicwinds All Attitude (Jarvis & Troisi) 9 year old light grey also with a lot to like. Good overall shape with correct angulation and moved pretty well.

MPB (2,1) 1 Junea’s Bright Future for Iceclimb (Imp Dnk) (Darlow). B/w just turned 6 months who came into the ring for the very first time with ears down and looking like she wanted to be anywhere but here. However a bit of encouragement and she literally started to smile and grew in confidence. As a youngster pretty much as loose as they come but everything looks in the right place and shows plenty of promise. A delight to meet.

PB (2,1) 1 Muzoku Charmed One (Forsey). A beautiful g/w at the other end of the age scale at nearly 12 months. This one is a lot more together and looking like a young malamute that just needs a bit more time to complete the picture. Very pretty, well balanced and moves straight as an arrow. Another joy to meet. BP.

PGB (1) 1 Kaskae My Wonderwall (Aitchison & Hurst). 5 year g/w a rather interesting one in that she really powers around the ring and probably does a bit too much. She is good all the way from head through neck and fore, strong topline but stands too far back and spoils the profile I like to see when looking from a distance.

LB (4) 1 Katabatic Adair’N’hug It’s Me You’re Looking for (Imp USA) (Copley-Holland) 5 year old winning a strong class here with a lot to like in every girl in this class. This girl won because she was the most complete, with average this, average that but it’s how it should be. Nothing exaggerated and moved as sound as you would like.
2 Lapema Bella Dannata (Jelfs). 2 year old with a great profile, great attitude and sound in movement. Still got a little bit maturing to do and would benefit from a more defined waist. Lovely girl. 

OB (7,3) 1 Ch Muzoku You’re My Obsession (Forsey). Todays highlight, a 3 year old bitch of real quality, nothing exaggerated, all in correct proportions. Didn’t stand out a first as stands so perfectly that she goes unnoticed. That is until you get hands on her and then watch her move. Don’t think I can remember one that moves absolutely 100% bang in line. Nothing in group but unsurprising as the group judges always looking for a more impressive dog and lose sight of the quality they should be seeking and is right under their nose. Maybe one day they’ll understand though not holding my breath. CC & BOB.
2 Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals Pdh (Brouard). Beautiful 5 year old that really did deserve a ticket as well and have no doubt that it will come. Also great profile, also no exaggerations and moved as sound and true as you want to see. Lost out as 1 is more the type I look for and matched my Dog CC. So glad I met her. RBCC. 

Roger Cruden