Scottish Kennel Club May 2021

Judge:  Mrs Lorraine Bolton

BEST OF BREED: Miss C DRUCE Koromandel On Strange Tides
Dog CC: Mrs S ELLIS Ch Chayo Formula One
Reserve Dog CC: Mrs J & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM ShCEx
Bitch CC: Miss C DRUCE Koromandel On Strange Tides
Reserve Bitch CC: Mrs J & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes Aurora Borealis JW ShCM
Best Puppy In Breed: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Grtest Showman
Best Veteran In Breed: Miss C DRUCE Koromandel On Strange Tides

Puppy Dog (Entries 4) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Grtest Showman
2nd: Mr & Mrs A LUNN Nordicwinds Jazz Singer
3rd: Miss DA GAVAN & Mr D McLEAN Chayo Kabe Micco
Res: Mrs S BRANDENBERG & Miss S SMITH Chayo It’s Kurt For Taronakits

Junior Dog (Entries 1) Abs: 0
1st: Miss A BLAIR Cedarcreek Heart Of London  

Novice Dog (No Entries) Abs:

Graduate Dog (No Entries) Abs:

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 1) Abs: 0
1st: Ms L FENNELL & Ms S WOLFE Dreamwolves Just A Lil Crush

Limit Dog
 (Entries 3) Abs: 1
1st: Ms G KEELING, Kishdigra Smooth Operator
2nd: Miss A BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut

Open Dog (Entries 5) Abs:0
1st: Mrs S ELLIS Ch Chayo Formula One
2nd: Mrs J & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM ShCEx
3rd: Mrs M & Mr P PAGE Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp RUS)
Res: Ms G KEELING Ir/Int Ch Kishdigra Smooth Criminal Ir JCh
VHC: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch

Veteran Dog (Entries 2) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs T & Miss L DOLAN Ch NL/Dk/Int Ch Siskara The Spy Who Loved Me JW ShCM

Special Beginners Dog (No Entries) Abs:

Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Dog (No Entries) Abs:

Puppy Bitch (Entries 3) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND, Katabatics Force Of Won (ai)
2nd: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Miss Marvel

Junior Bitch (Entries 3) Abs: 1
1st: Ms G KEELING Kishdigra Criminal Aspirations
2nd: Miss A BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Cahppes Tailwind Takala at Valknut (naf/taf)

Novice Bitch (No Entries) Abs:

Graduate Bitch (No Entries) Abs:

Post Graduate Bitch
 (Entries 1) Abs: 0
1st: Miss R BROWN, Cupun’s Masterpiece

Limit Bitch (Entries 3) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs T & Miss L DOLAN Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine

Open Bitch (Entries 8) Abs: 0
1st: Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS & Mr I PULLIN You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp Deu)
2nd: Ms G KEELING Ir/Int Ch Kishdigra Criminal Intent Ir JCh
3rd: Mrs J & Miss J SMITH Snowshoes The White Witch
Res: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Vasilisa
VHC: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND Am Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl

Veteran Bitch 
(Entries 3) Abs: 0
1st: Miss C DRUCE Koromandel On Strange Tides
2nd: Mrs J & Miss J SMITH Ch Snowshoes Aurora Borealis JW ShCM
3rd: Mrs D JARVIS & Mrs S TROISI Nordicwinds All Attitude

Special Beginners Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch (No Entries) Abs:

Judge's Critiques

A replacement judge is never an easy thing; some will be pleased, others disappointed. Whatever your thoughts I would like to thank you for your kind acceptance of my decisions.

1 Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds Greatest Showman. Nice sized boy. Particularly liked his correct proportions and balanced angles. Very good through the body with capacious chest and strongly muscled loin. Correct topline with excellent, correct tail. Head is ok and eye obliquely set, however, I would like less narrow and more almond shaped. I think a most promising puppy. BP.
2 Lunn’s Nordicwinds Jazz Singer. Not quite the proportions of winner being a little squarer in profile. Strong, neck correctly held continues line into very good sloping topline. Really excellent feet and bone. A touch more angulation in rear than I would prefer, nevertheless moved well. Head and skull should broaden and fill out with maturity.
1 Blair’s Cedarcreek Heart Of London. Very nice head on this lad. Broad through the skull and muzzle, slight stop and correctly set ears giving most typical expression. Through the body is very good with deep chest and strong loin. Excellent bone, though would like tighter feet. Has a correct, slope to topline. Tail a little tightish. Not quite the shoulder angulation, consequently falling a little short in front reach.

PGD 1 Fennell & Wolfe’s Dreamwolves Just A Lil Crush. Though a little sharp in stop he has a very well balanced head with a lovely strong muzzle, correct eye and the whole nicely rounded off with small, round tipped ears. Of medium size he has excellent bone and super feet. A very correct topline with a flag to be proud of this boy has many of the essentials of a good Malamute.

1 Keeling’s Kishdigra Smooth Operator. Good to see a red. Very impressed by his lovely balance and proportions which resulted in excellent and breed typical movement with length of stride, so easy and ‘laid back’. Well made through the middle with good ribbing and strong loin. He has a correctly made and balanced head with a gorgeous eye, size and placement and ear. The whole rather spoilt by being too deep in stop. Excellent bone and feet. Overall a very good dog.
2 Bogle & Horsfield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing Ay Valknut. I preferred the head to the winner. Lovely size, shape and set of eye. Excellent muzzle, well filled under eye, correct stop and broad skull. Beautiful. Has excellent balance between fore and rear. Rear movement and side action good, but is rather narrow through the chest and toed out in front.

1 Ellis’ Ch Chayo Formula One. A dog with the nobility, size and presence I have come to expect from this kennel. Gorgeous head and eye giving a wonderful and oh so Malamute expression. He is so very well constructed, balanced fore and aft, giving such a true and easy action. He excels through the middle with depth of chest and strong loin. Neck, topline and tail are correct, although, a heavy moult has rather devastated his plume. I would like him with more length, but he has such breed quality I didn’t hesitate to award the CC.
2 Smith & Smith’s Ch Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM ShCEx. Great balance and proportions in profile. Good neck correctly set in providing smooth transition to strong, correct sloping top line and well set tail. Nicely balanced head with a beautiful size shape and set of eye. Ears are excellent in size and set. Perhaps a little less stop would perfect. Very good through the middle and excellent bone. Just felt his front wasn’t as precise as the winners. Nevertheless a very worthy Res CC.

1 Dolan & Dolan’s Ch NL Ch Dk Ch Int Ch Siskara The Spy Who Loved Me. 8 year old of great character and who was clearly enormously pleased to be at a show. I really thought there was much to like. Nicely balanced in profile and particularly good neck and top line with a well set, rather super tail. Well off for bone and excellent feet. His coat would have been impenetrable in any conditions. Just favouring a front leg on the move.

1 Copley-Holland’s Katabatics Force Of Woe (AI). At only 7 months I think this baby has all the promise in the world. A good size with excellent bone and feet. Neck and topline correct rounded off with an excellent tail set and plume. She really is ideally balanced in profile and construction. Clearly needs to settle on the move, but what I did see was a wonderful easy side action. I shall follow with interest.
2 Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds Miss Marvel. So pretty and feminine. I liked her in profile and she is lovely in body having good rib and strength through the loin. Lovely temperament, enjoying the day so much, tucking her ears back and smiling all round. She is rather upright in shoulder which meant her neck was rather upright and she wasn’t quite as good in front as the winner.

1 Keeling’s Kishdigra Criminal Aspirations. Such a beautifully balanced young lady, absolutely the correct proportions. She has good bone, size and strength through the middle yet retains her femininity. Has a well balanced head with correct, pretty, expression. Excellent feet. Good neck, well set into shoulder giving smooth flow into correct, strong topline. Much to like.
2 Bogle & Horsfield’s Cahppes Tailwind Takala At Valknut NAF TAF. This girl has an extremely pretty head, so well balanced, with strength, yet a lovely feminine expression. I found much to like about her, neck and top line good. Excellent plumed tail. I found her a tad narrow through the front, but she is only just out of puppy and maturity could well improve.

1 Brown’s Cupun Masterpiece. This girl really has a lovely outline in profile. So well balanced, with correct length and arch of neck, excellent, strong top line with gradual slope. Tail is too tightly curled. Excellent body with capacity and strength. Good bone. Particularly good, well let down hocks. Gorgeous, balanced head and expression. Moving out well.

LB 1 Dolan & Dolan’s Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine. I particularly liked this girls head. Strength in the muzzle, broad skull, narrowing correctly and neat rounded ear correctly placed. A most typical expression. She has an excellent and correct neck and over line. Good, capacious, chest and strength in the loin. Fabulous bone and feet. Moving well. Need to watch her weight.

I found this class of eight rather difficult, there were so many different types, all with qualities that I admire and things that I would improve.
1 Mountstephens & Pullin’s You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp Deu).This bitch presents a very breed typical profile with correct proportions, indeed, she has a lovely outline. Excellent neck and over line with sloping topline and excellently set on plumed tail. A nice head and expression, though I would prefer a slightly smaller eye. She won this class with her characteristic movement, true fore and aft, and ground eating easy side action. Excellent.
2 Keeling’s Ir Ch Int Ch Kishdigra Criminal Intent Ir J Ch CV. So very close up to winner. Another who is very breed typical in profile. Has the same excellent qualities of neck, over line and balance, both in construction and proportions. Excellent in body with good rib and strong loin. Bone and feet are good. Moving true front and aft. She was slightly shorter in front action than winner. Hence my decision.
3 Smith & Smith’s Snowshoes The White Witch. A very nice young lady, giving ground to winners on maturity. I feel she has the make and shape to challenge the very best in the future.

1 Druce’s Koromandel On Strange Tides. This lady was exactly what I was looking for. The balance between height and length is spot on. Really beautiful head and expression; strength in muzzle and breadth of skull, yet retaining every ounce of femininity. Good neck flowing into topline which has the desired slope, finishing in a well set plumed tail. Ribbing and loin exactly as described in the standard. Her movement was a joy, long striding and effortless. Essence of Malamute. Bitch CC, BOB.
2 Smith & Smith’s Ch Snowshoes Aurora Borealis JW ShCM. This girl has so much quality. A simply beautiful head, strong muzzle, correct stop and breadth of skull. Eye is absolutely correct and ears are well set, giving a quintessentially Malamute expression. Gorgeous. She is strong through the body and has a very balanced construction. Excellent bone and feet. Excellent neck and set on with a strong over line. Movement was very true. Although I would prefer more slope in the top line and perhaps a tad more length of front stride, she is lovely. Res CC.
3 Jarvis & Troisi’s Nordicwinds All Attitude. These three might be veterans, but they set the benchmark for today.

Lorraine Bolton