Richmond 2023

Judge: Mike John (Cristakell)

BEST OF BREED: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND  & HUG, Dr JE & Mrs RA Am GCh Adair’N’Hug Rythm And Blues
Dog CC: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND  & HUG, Dr JE & Mrs RA Am GCh Adair’N’Hug Rythm And Blues
Reserve Dog CC: Mrs Emma EDWARDS & Mr Simon MOLLOY Lux Ch Wintablizard Cowabunga
Bitch CC: Ms G KEELING Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss
Reserve Bitch CC: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals PdH
Best Puppy In Breed: Miss Rebecca BROWN Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov for Cupun (Imp UKR) NAF (WPG4)
Best Veteran In Breed: Mr Jay WADRUP Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit (Imp CZE)

Veteran Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mr Mark & Mrs Andrea BLACKBURN Chayo Icecold Apparition ShCM
2nd: Mrs AE ANDERSON Tokosha Beyond The Limits to Cherubini AI

Minor Puppy Dog NO ENTRIES



Yearling Dog NO ENTRIES


Post Graduate Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss Kirsten & Miss Charlotte DRUCE Kaskae Hell Of A View (ai)

Limit Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss S WOLFE  Sutarka Fire Storm
2nd: Mrs Sandra BRANDENBERG & Miss Sue SMITH Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits JW

Open Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND  & HUG, Dr JE & Mrs RA Am GCh Adair’N’Hug Rythm And Blues
2nd: Mrs Emma EDWARDS & Mr Simon MOLLOY Lux Ch Wintablizard Cowabunga
3rd: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Orsamals Pepe Le Peew (GKC) PdH
Res: Mrs Tina & Miss Lauren DOLAN Siskara We Will Rock You
VHC: Ms G KEELING Ir Ch Kishdigra Smooth Operator CW22, CentW22

Special Beginners Dog NO ENTRIES

Veteran Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mr Jay WADRUP Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit (Imp CZE)
2nd: Miss Kirsten & Miss Charlotte DRUCE Ch Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai)
3rd: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND  Ch Am/HR Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl

Minor Puppy Bitch NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss Rebecca BROWN Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov for Cupun (Imp UKR) NAF

Junior Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss T, Mrs R, & Mr A ROBB, Icewolf Fendi L’Aquarossa

Yearling Bitch NO ENTRIES

Novice Bitch NO ENTRIES

Post Graduate Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Limit Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs NA BROUARD Orsamals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp GKC)

Open Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Ms G KEELING Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss
2nd: Mrs NA BROUARD Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals PdH
3rd: Mrs Tina & Miss Lauren DOLAN Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine
Res: Miss Rebecca BROWN Cupun’s Masterpiece
VHC: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB, Icewolf Jupiter Rising

Special Beginners Bitch NO ENTRIES

Judge's Critiques

This is the first time I have judged Alaskan Malamutes at this level since 2019. And I think that four years between CC appointments in a late-maturing breed is highly appropriate. I had the opportunity to renew acquaintances with dogs I have met before and have since matured, and I had the opportunity to make acquaintances with dogs that I have admired from afar. I even had the opportunity to judge veterans that I once judged as puppies! Absolutely delightful. The entry wasn’t huge. Nothing unusual in this day and age when you consider all the factors that govern why we enter a show. But size of entry is of no importance to me. Quality of entry is. I would rather have a few great dogs than loads of mediocre ones. And quality I certainly did have right the way through. It’s interesting that the entry was very light at the younger end of the scale and there was a definite emphasis on the more mature. Maybe this is a reflection of people knowing how I feel about this! It was delightful to go over such an array of proper Malamutes presented not just in great condition, but presented as good old-fashioned Malamutes. There was no over-grooming, no trimming, no clouds of….whatever! Just beautifully presented Malamutes shown in the raw. The way it should be. It was extremely hot so I kept the moving to a minimum (more for the exhibitors than the dogs!), enough to properly assess and no more, and I would like to thank everyone for their patience, grace and good sportsmanship. And I would also like to thank my two brilliant ring stewards, Vivienne and Abby, for their attention, efficiency and professionalism.

Veteran Dog 
1st. Blackburn’s Chayo Icecold Apparition ShCM. I first judged this boy in 2012 and, with the exception of clearly having added 11 years to his life experience, he hasn’t changed a bit. Still the happy, gobby, lively Malamute he’s always been. Great masculine head with a kind expression, though not overly attentive! Good proportions all round, plenty of quality coat and excellent bone for his size. Correct topline and tail. Sound mover, and still showing drive in spite of being an OAP. Challenged well for BV but just lost out to a younger lady.
2nd. Anderson’s Tokosha Beyond The Limits To Cherubini AI. I really like this good sized 10 year old who is a proper old-fashioned Malamute and was shown in good condition. He has a nice masculine head of good proportions. Plenty of bone and in good coat, which was nice and harsh. Moved OK for an old chap.

Post Graduate Dog 
1st. Druce’s Kaskae Hell Of A View. At just 2 years old, this handsome seal and white boy is showing some promise. A nice head and expression, though still some maturing to do. Sound topline leading to a good tail that waved well. He moved OK and stood nice and square on the return. I will look forward to seeing how he evolves.

Limit Dog
1st. Wolfe’s Sutarka Fire Storm. This 6 year old is a regular visitor to my show ring, having previously seen him as a puppy and as a 2 year old, and he has always impressed and performed well. Maturing nicely, he is still showing all the drive and muscle tone of the clearly fit and properly worked boy he is. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes and a classic Malamute muzzle. Good size and proportions, though not the biggest. But then size isn’t everything! Constructed well, he stood naturally square front and back, and he moved with drive and obvious power, without wasting one joule of energy. I am sure his day will come.
2nd. Brandenberg & Smith’s Chayo It’s Kurt For Taronakits JW. This 2 year old boy has a lot to offer. I loved his great presence, his dimensions, his bone and his overall structure. He still has a lot of maturing to do but I think it will come. Moved well, stood square on return showing correct build. Great topline and tail. Lost out to 1st on coat, which I know is nit-picking, but eventually you have to make a decision.

Open Dog 
1st. Copley-Holland & Hug’s Am Gr Ch Adair’N’Hug Rhythm And Blues. I have admired this 4 year old from afar on several occasions, and it was great to be able to actually get my hands on him and have all my hopes confirmed. This is a proper Malamute. Great proportions and in top condition with plenty of bone. A head to die for that is not just masculine and handsome, but is correct in every way. His coat is excellent and harsh. And he moved effortlessly but with plenty of drive and power. From the tips of his small well-furred ears, down his correctly sloping topline, to his well set and carried waving plume, this boy is all Malamute. His breeders clearly understand what a Malamute should be and what a Malamute should be able to do, and they should be justifiably proud of him. I was more than happy to award him the DCC and BoB, and was delighted to see him short-listed in the group.
2nd. Edwards & Molloy’s Wintablizard Cowabunga. Another that I have had an eye on and it’s great to see him maturing so well. At just 5, he still has a little way to go but there is absolutely no doubt that he will get there. Great proportions, great presence and great build. He has a fabulous head with great ear set and muzzle. Plenty of bone, good topline and correct tail set and carriage. Sound movement in all directions, and stood nice and square showing correct build. I look forward to seeing him again. RDCC . 3rd. Brouard’s Jsy Ch Orsamals Pepe Le Peew (GKC) PdH.

Veteran Bitch 
1st. Wadrup’s Just Got To Love Me Polarni Usvit (Cze Imp). I just love these veteran classes. This breed is perfectly designed to get old gracefully and I just wish I could award more than two CC’s every time I judge, because there are plenty of worthy candidates. This lovely 9 year old is another that I have seen before and she never ceases to impress. Great feminine head with lovely dark eyes, a proper Malamute coat, and a proper Malamute attitude. Extremely fit and well muscled, she moved with absolute perfection, no effort, no waste of energy and no doubt that she can do her job all day, even at this age. A definite contender for the top awards.
2nd. Druce’s Ch Koromandel On Strange Tides (ai). What is it about this graceful 12 year old that gets you every time? She has the kindest expression and a beautiful character. Plus, of course, her internationally famous tongue which has been cleverly designed to stop you checking her dentition! But you just have to forgive her. Another proper old-fashioned Malamute and one that is a deserved champion, she gives the impression of being able to go on forever, but not really being bothered about it! Great proportions, enough bone, lovely topline and a proper Malamute tail. Excellent coat which was harsh and correct. Moved with the grace and effortlessness of an old lady that really knows she doesn’t have to do this any more. 3rd. Copley-Holland’s Am UK HR Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl. I don’t usually comment up to 3rd, but with this veteran class I’m going to make an exception. This striking 7 year old I last judged as a junior back in 2017 giving her the class, and I am really pleased to see that she has been deservedly crowned. She has a great deal going for her in every way and rounded up a class I really enjoyed judging. I’ll be quite honest, any one of these three could have won this class and I know from history that they all have. And I am sure they all will again.

Puppy Bitch 
1st. Brown’s Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov For Cupin (Imp UKR) NAF. This pretty 9 month old might have stood alone, but that in no way detracts from her win. She is really lovely. What a pretty, well put together little lady she is. A lovely feminine head with beautiful dark eyes and all the attributes that would suggest she will go on to greater things. Good proportions, good topline, adequate bone, and all leading to a well constructed rear end. She moved well for a baby and while she was the only Malamute puppy here, thereby going BP, she went on to get a hugely well-deserved WPG4 in what was a sizeable group.

Junior Bitch 
1st. Robb’s Icewolf Fendi L’Aquarossa. This is a really nice little bitch who, at just over a year old and still almost a puppy, has great things ahead of her I am sure. Nice feminine head with lovely dark eyes, good topline and tail, which was carried well. Excellent harsh coat, well presented. Moved OK.

Limit Bitch 
1st. Brouard’s Orsmals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp GKC). A very feminine 2 year old girl with a pretty head and nice expression, plus lovely dark eyes. Excellent and correct topline and tail, both held well. Enough bone for her size and proportions. Moved well and stood nice and square showing good construction.

Open Bitch 
1st. Keeling’s Kishdigra The Criminals Kiss. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off this stunning 4 year old red and white girl and there is absolutely no doubt she is a champion in the making. I know colour in this breed is not a consideration and you have to look beyond that to the Malamute behind it, and, of course, everyone knows I do love a redhead! But …! This pretty lady has a lovely feminine head with a great expression and correct ears and eyes. Her coat is plentiful and nice and harsh. She has good all round proportions and enough bone for this. Good topline, leading to a nice, well set tail. Moved with little effort but plenty of drive. A delightful BCC and she came a hairs breadth from BoB.
2nd. Brouard’s Jsy Ch Sutarka Coco Chanel At Orsamals PdH. I have never judged this 6 year old lady but she is another that I have admired from a distance, and another with great proportions and the bone to suit, though a little larger that 1st. Nice head with a pleasing feminine expression with lovely dark eyes. Good sloping topline and well carried tail. She moved well and she was very unlucky to come up against 1st. But I am absolutely sure her day will come. A well-deserved RBCC. 3rd. Dolan’s Siskara Sweet Child Of Mine.

Judge: Mike John.