Driffield 2021

Judge: Joan Sheehan

BEST OF BREED: Mrs M & Mr P PAGE Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)
Dog CC: Mrs M & Mr P PAGE Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)
Reserve Dog CC: Miss S & Mr M BURNSIDE Ice Gangsta’s Ball Of Fyre for Chayo
Bitch CC: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Vasilisa
Reserve Bitch CC: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds American Dream JW ShCM
Best Puppy In Breed: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Grtest Showman
Best Veteran In Breed: Ms G CAMERON Icewolf I’ll Be Back

Veteran Dog/Bitch (7 ENTRIES) Abs: 0
1st: Ms G CAMERON Icewolf I’ll Be Back
2nd: Mrs S ELLIS Ch Chayo Formula One
3rd: Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS & Mr I PULLIN Ch Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik at Whitewalker (Imp NOR)
Res: Mrs M BUTLER Kaytoo Antarctic Kuma
VHC: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds American Dream JW ShCM

Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Grtest Showman
2nd: Ms G KEELING Kishdigra De Divil Never Sleeps

Junior Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss A BLAIR Cedarcreek Heart Of London

Yearling Dog (NO ENTRIES) Abs: 0

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Ms G KEELING Kishdigra Smooth Operator
2nd: Miss J SAYE Makalu Mountain Wilderness
3rd: Mrs J PITCHER Red Flower Junior Del Biagio for Tatkresiwok (Imp ITA)

Limit Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Miss A RUTHERFORD Chayo Star Of The East
2nd: Mr & Mrs R RABY Yuayua At Icemoon (Imp SWE)
3rd: Mrs K JELFS Lapema Malizioso

Open Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs M & Mr P PAGE Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)
2nd: Miss S & Mr M BURNSIDE Ice Gangsta’s Ball Of Fyre for Chayo
3rd: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch
Res: Ms G KEELING Ir/Int Ch Kishdigra Smooth Criminal Ir J Ch CW

Good Citizen Dog (No Entries) Abs: 0

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs K JELFS Lapema Bella Dannata
2nd: Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX & Mr J HORSMAN Nordicwinds Miss Marvel
3rd: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics Force Of Won (ai)

Junior Bitch
(1 Entries) Abs: 1

Yearling Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Mr & Mrs R RABY Moon’s Nordicstars Burning Flame at Icemoon (Imp SWE)
2nd: Mrs S PARKER Chayo Brightest Star at Daranash
3rd: Miss L & Mrs S PERFITT Samjoe The Good Witch

Post Graduate Bitch
(2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Miss R BROWN Cupun’s Masterpiece

Limit Bitch
(4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Miss L & Mrs S PERFITT Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai)
2nd: Ms G CAMERON Sutarka Sala Delle Asse

Open Bitch
(11 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Mrs S ELLIS Chayo Vasilisa
2nd: Mrs LA & Mr A BURGESS Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen
3rd: Mrs M & Mr P PAGE Cedarcreek Frozen In Time
Res: Ms G KEELING, Ir/Int Ch Kishdigra Criminal Intent Ir J Ch Cw
VHC: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND Am Ch Katabatics Hollaback Girl

Good Citizen Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Miss AJ  BLANEY Ch/Ir Ch Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin ShCM VW

Judge's Critiques

Veteran Dog/Bitch (7,0) I was desperately disappointed with this class because the quality of the exhibits was wonderful and to have to choose a winner from a mixed class of dogs and bitches in their prime was incredibly difficult. Well done to all exhibits in this class.
1st Cameron’s Icewolf I’ll Be Back. 7 year old male with a good outline. He had a strong head and muzzle with small ears and a soft expression. Nice broad chest and well boned. Lovely harsh coat, moderate angulation and moved around the ring with drive. Gave an excellent performance on the day and just pushed him past the post ahead of the others. A well-deserved BVIB
2nd Ellis’s CH Chayo Formula One. Another 7 year old male who was showing his best on the day. A broad head with strong muzzle, oblique eyes and well placed ears, nicely arch neck down into a nice topline. Broad chest, harsh coat, moderate angulation and correct tail set. Moved cleanly from all angles.
VHC Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s Nordicwinds American Dream ShCM JW. In a class of strong males, this bitch‘s class placing didn’t reflect her final results. It wasn’t until the challenge that she shone and this 7 year old was rewarded with the RCC. She is a very pretty bitch, in her prime, feminine head with dark, oblique eye. Slightly larger ear but with thick leathers. A lovely arch of neck down to a sloping topline and through to a correctly set tail carried over the back. She shows a very balanced outline and clean movement and threw everything into the challenge where I couldn’t fail to notice her powering around the ring.

Puppy Dog (2,0)
1st Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s Nordicwinds Grtest Showman. A nicely put together puppy. Nice shape to head with a lovely dark eye, good arch of neck, nice width of chest, good bone, lovely quality of coat. He made a lovely shape on the stand and didn’t disappoint on the move, with a performance that can only predict a great future. Happy to award him BPIB.
2nd Keeling’s Kishdigra De Divil Never Sleeps. Another lovely puppy coming together nicely. Nice shape to head, slightly lighter eye. A good harsh coat, slightly longer in length. Wasn’t quite a clean on the move as 1 coming and going.

Junior Dog (1,0)
1st Blair’s Cedarcreek Heart Of London. Quality youngster who really draws your eye. Good substance with a lovely overall shape, he offers a nice shape of head with dark eye and soft expression. Moderate throughout, with a beautiful coat and a lovely tail carriage, he has a clean, balanced gait.

Post Graduate Dog (3,0)
1st Keeling’s Kishdigra Smooth Operator. A 2 year old red and white. A lovely, strong head and muzzle with oblique eye and well placed ears. Good breadth of chest, moderate angulation, carrying a nice topline. He has a good texture to his coat, well set and carried tail, nice feet. Good driving movement, he was unlucky to miss out in the challenge.
2nd Saye’s Makalu Mountain Wilderness. Another really nice young male. A 2 year old agouti of good substance. Good broad head and muzzle with correct ear placement. Lovely harsh coat. Carried his topline well and once settled he move around the ring nicely.

Limit Dog (3,0)
1st Rutherford’s Chayo Star Of The East. Larger than standard male, 2 years old. Large, broad head with strong muzzle and dark eye. Strong arched neck leading down into a slight sloping topline, held well on the move and into a well set and nicely carried tail. Harsh coat of good quality. Strong, deep chest, good angulation both front and rear, good length of leg and stood on top of large, tight feet. Moved cleanly and despite giving the handler a hard time he showed himself well enough to take the class.
2nd Raby’s Yuayua at Icemoon. Standard size 4 year old who could easily have swapped places with 1 on another day. Another strong head with soft expression and well set ear with thick leathers. Good quality, harsh coat and well furred tail which was carried well. A nice overall outline with good bone, deep chest and moderate angulation, he moved out well around the ring.

Open Dog (5,1)
1st Page’s Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek. Standard size 3 year old who showed himself really well on the day. A lovely shape of head with large muzzle, dark, oblique eyes and small, correct ears with very thick leathers. A gentle slope of neck, a strong, muscled, well developed front with depth of chest. A sloping topline, good spring of rib and length of loin, well muscled rear and a nicely carried tail. Good length of leg with large, compact feet. Offers a good outline on the stand and didn’t disappoint on the move, straight on the up and down with a balanced side gait. Moved with drive and enthusiasm and I was pleased to offer him the CC and BOB.
2nd Burnside’s Ice Gangsta’s Ball Of Fyre for Chayo. 5 year old red and white with many of the same qualities of 1 including lovely thick ear leathers, harsh coat, muscled and well-boned construction. He stands squarely and commands your attention across the ring. Moves clean and true from all angles and covers the grounds easily. He called for a ticket and was rewarded with the RCC.

Good Citizen Dog (No Entries)

Puppy Bitch (5,2)
1st Jelfs’ Lapema Bella Dannata. Feminine bitch with a good overall shape to her. Head developing well, lighter eye than I would like. Lovely big snowshoe feet, harsh coat, carried her tail well. Moved around the ring confidently with a steady stride.
2nd Horsman & Horsman-Phoenix’s Nordicwinds Miss Marvel. Another very feminine girl, moderate angulation both front and rear. Still very much a baby and quite unsettled today which affected her movement. I look forward to seeing her in the future.

Junior Bitch (1,1)

Special Yearling Bitch (3,0)
1st Raby’s Moon’s Nordicstars Burning Flame (Imp SWE). 19 month bitch showing a feminine outline. Dark oblique eyes and blackest pigment, ears set correctly. A solid front with developing broad chest, good layback, moderate angles and length of leg. Gently sloping topline leading to a muscled rear with moderate angulation. Well furred tail. The coat is harsh and incredibly dense, presented well. A steady gait around the ring, straight from front and rear.
2nd Parker’s Chayo Brightest Star at Daranesh. Pleasing head with dark eye and good breadth of muzzle. Moderate angulation both front and rear and good length of leg. Harsh coat texture and well carried tail. Once settled, she move with a steady gait.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)
1st Brown’s Cupun’s Masterpiece. 20 month black and white bitch of good substance. Stood alone but commands attention, standing square and balanced. Broad skull and muzzle, dark eye and well placed ears with thick leathers. Good layback of shoulder and a developing front. Moderate angle both front and rear and well caried tail. Coat short but harsh and well presented. Moved well around the ring.

Limit Bitch (4,2)
1st Perfitt’s Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai). 4 year old taking her time to mature. She has a good overall shape, holds her topline well and with a nice tail carriage. Slightly larger ear, good dark oblique eye. A good, clean movement around the ring, covering the ground well. More to come.
2nd Cameron’s Sutarka Sala Delle Asse. 2 year old bitch with a nice shape of head, dark eye and thick ear leathers. Good sloping topline and quality of coat. Tighter tail carriage and wasn’t as clean on the move.

Open Bitch (11,2)
1st Ellis’s Chayo Vasilisa. 2 year old grey and white. A larger than standard girl but not overdone. A strong head with good width and length of muzzle, good pigmentation and dark, oblique eyes. Lovely arch of neck, straight front with a developed chest. Solid topline held when standing and on the move leading to a well-muscled and moderately angulated rear. A good length of leg with nice tight feet. Presented in top condition, she moved with drive, balanced from all angles. Pleased to award her the CC.
2nd Burgess’s Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen. A 6 year old who has impressed me before and she didn’t disappoint on the day. A lovely understated bitch. Nothing stands out, everything is moderate, giving a pleasing overall package. She is presented well, is toned throughout and gives a good balanced movement around the ring, a pleasure to watch.

Good Citizen Bitch (1,0)
1st CH/ Ir CH Blaney’s Windberg Paparazzi to Fenrirkin ShCM VW. 11 year old, standard size, seal and white. Good strong head with slightly more stop, small ears, nice arch of neck. Balanced body with a short but harsh coat, carries her tail well. She belies her age, still powering around the ring at a good pace and long may she continue!