Crufts 2024

Judge: Miss J Sugden

Dog Challenge Certificate: Mr G BIAGIOTTI Vincent Del Biagio
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate: Mr D TABARRINI Cosmicfire Zillionaire
Bitch Challenge Certificate: Mrs S ELLIS-PAYNE CH Chayo Vasilisa
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate: Ms M SAGE Am GCH(G) Vykon’s Saucin’ I Do This Often-A-Mahya
Best Puppy In Breed: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics Troubleshooter
Best Veteran In Breed: Mrs A NEVINSON CH Chayo Golden Touch

Veteran Dog: (Entries 3) Abs 0
1st: Mrs A NEVINSON CH Chayo Golden Touch
2nd: Miss Sharr WOLFE Sutarka Fire Storm
3rd: Mr R & Mrs N RABY Yuayua at Icemoon (Imp SWE)

Minor Puppy Dog: (Entries 0) Abs 0

Puppy Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0
1st: Miss K BURGESS Katabatics Dark Knight

Junior Dog (Entries 4) Abs 0
1st: Mr D TABARRINI Cosmicfire Zillionaire
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Shadowhunter
3rd: Mrs NJ & Mr DL DUNNING Chayo Perfect Conditions
Res: Mrs S & Mr K DOOLEY Black Stripe at Dokkalfar

Yearling Dog (Entries 3) Abs 1
1st: Mrs AB BOASSO Polarbreeze Born To Be A Dream
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Shadowhunter

Post Graduate Dog: (Entries 6) Abs 3
1st: Mrs J PITCHER Red Flower Del Biagio for Tatkresiwok (Imp ITA)
2nd: Misses K & C DRUCE Kaskae Hell Of A View (ai)
3rd: Mrs A WILSON Amelhuk Empire Of New Era at Arctictundra (Imp RUS)

Limit Dog (Entries 7) Abs 4
1st: Mrs S & Mr B INNES Icycool Hudson Bay (ai)
2nd: Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb Ascent
3rd: Mr K MARTIN Wen Magick Happenz at Dreamwolves

Open Dog (Enries 16) Abs 4
1st: Mr G BIAGIOTTI Vincent Del Biagio
2nd: Mrs S ELLIS-PAYNE CH Chayo Cause Celebre
3rd: Mrs G PENSOTTI Multi CH Black Star Del Biagio
Res: Miss G TAMASAUSKAITE Lt CH Contract With The Devil Sielos Misterija
VHC: Mr G BIAGIOTTI Multi CH Captain Futuro Del Biagio WW

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (Entries 3) Abs 1
1st: Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb Ascent
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Shadowhunter

Veteran Bitch: (Entries 13) Abs 2
1st: Mr A & Mrs L BURGESS Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen
2nd: Mr G BIAGIOTTI It/Int CH Noelle Del Biagio WW
3rd: Miss CC JOHN Cristakell April Showers at Chardicea
Res: Miss NA BROUARD Jsy CH Sutarka Coco Chanel at Orsamals PDH
VHC: Mrs D JARVIS & Mrs S TROISI Nordicwinds All Attitude

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 0) Abs 0

Puppy Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 0
1st: Mrs K COPLEY-HOLLAND Katabatics Troubleshooter
2nd: Miss AL DARLOW Juneau’s Bright Future for Iceclimb
3rd: Mrs J PITCHER Cassidy Del Biagio per Tatkresiwok (Imp ITA)

Junior Bitch (Entires 4) Abs 1
1st: Mr RR RUSCHENA Cosmicfire Zero Compromise
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Seelie Queen
3rd: Mrs M HEMMELDER Kayuna In Kita’s Shadow

Yearling Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 2
1st: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Seelie Queen

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 1
1st: GE PRITCHARD Snobruk Best Kept Secret
2nd: Mrs A WILSON Kurjak As Nana at Arctictundra (Imp SRB)
3rd: Mrs S PARKER Chayo Helping Hands for Daranash

Limit Bitch (Entries 13) Abs 5
1st: Mrs S & Mr B INNES Icycool Ottawa (ai)
2nd: Miss a BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Cahppes Tailwind Takala at Valknut (Imp SWE)
3rd: NA BROUARD Orsamals C’Est Moi Fifi (imp GKC)
Res: Mrs J YORK & Miss F MORRIS Chayo Starstruck with Snowstruck
VHC: Mr RR RUSCHENA Energyof’Life Star Terreno

Open Bitch (Entries 13) Abs 2
1st: Mrs S ELLIS-PAYNE CH Chayo Vasilisa
2nd: Ms M SAGE Am GCH(G) Vykon’s Saucin’ I Do This Often-A-Mahya
3rd: Mrs A SCOGNAMIGLIO Int/It CH Eileen Del Biagio
Res: Mr G BIAGIOTTI It CH Start With A Kiss Del Biagio 
VHC: Miss G KEELING Ir CH Kishdigra The Criminal Kiss

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 0
1st: Mr A & Mrs L BURGESS Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen
2nd: Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe Seelie Queen
3rd: Miss A & Mrs J WHYMAN Tailfly Bloodline

Judge's Critiques

I would like to extend my thanks to the Kennel Club and Crufts Show Committee for the invitation to judge at such a prestigious event and for their welcome and generous hospitality on the day. It was such an honour and privilege to be part of Crufts 2024 and it is without doubt the pinnacle my judging career. Thank you also to my wonderful stewards for their efficiency in keeping the ring running smoothly throughout the day. Finally, a big thank you to all exhibitors for taking the time to travel and participate, it was lovely to see entries from Europe and the USA as well as from the UK and for their gracious acceptance of my decisions and placings. In the larger classes the quality shone through some difficult decisions and hair splitting had to be made and as ever not enough awards to give out. There certainly was a vibrant atmosphere around the ring and this was complimented by great sportsmanship.

I felt very humbled by the quantity and quality of exhibits on show the day. My main concern was with the younger classes where some of the exhibits lacked the bone and substance that one should expect with this breed. I should not need to remind breeders it is a freighting dog and you need to think carefully about this if the future of this breed is to maintain its true type, purpose and function. On the plus side not one grumble from any dog I went over so nice to see temperaments have improved over the years. A credit to you all.

Veteran Dog (3,0a)
It always a pleasure judging the veteran classes and this did not disappoint.
1. Nevinson’s Ch Chayo Golden Touch. I have judged this dog previously as a puppy and a young adult and he has certainly come into his own as a veteran. A Very sound male and he is like a fine wine who has just got better with age. Shown and presented in top condition, superb type with plenty of bone and muscle. Headpiece strong and masculine, broad skull, neat well set ears, strong muzzle. Good length of neck arched and muscular. Well balanced standing on nice lay back of shoulder strong front, short pasterns and great feet. Well ribbed, holding topline well with strong loin and well muscled rear. Coat thick and harsh. On the go round he held his topline with great tail carriage and the reach and drive of a true athlete. Pleased to award him a well deserved BVIB.
2. Wolfe’s Sutarka Fire Storm. Another super veteran, in good hard condition, lovely outline on the stand. Pleasing head, nice dark eye, thick furred ears well placed on broad skull. Front straight with pleasing lay back of shoulder, well ribbed, topline sloping leading onto well set tail. In great jacket. Well toned and moved out with purpose.
3. Raby’s Yuayua at Icemoon (Imp Swe). Substantial male with plenty of bone. Pleasing outline and tail set. Masculine head with strong muzzle, dark pigment, stop not overdone. Thick ears with okay placement. Front straight , deep chest , moderate rear angulation. Just felt he was bit lack lustre on the go round not having the drive of 1 and 2.

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (1,0)
1. Burgess’s Katabatics Dark Knight. This young lad just came to have fun and enjoy his day out! He certainly tested his handler but that aside he made a nice shape, handsome head piece with ample muzzle and stop, tidy eye and ear placement, front is yet to develop and pasterns need to strengthen up, this will come in time. Topline gently sloping with well set croup and tail. Moderately angled rear. When he decided to play ball he moved well. BPD

Junior dog (4,1a)
1. Tabarrini’s Cosmicfire Zillionaire. Super looking dog full of type and substance. Great coat texture thick and harsh. Attractive masculine head with nice dark oblique set eyes, ears thick and well set on broad skull. Moderate arched neck sat on well laid shoulders. Good length in body well balanced with front straight and strong, short pasterns. Rear well angulated with moderately let down hocks, well off for muscle, Moved soundly with good tail carriage. My surprise find of the day. Pleased to award him the RDCC.
2. Perfitt’s Samjoe Shadowhunter. Nicely presented young male ,not quite the substance of 1 but still did not detract from his qualities. Balanced in profile lovely thick jacket. Handsome head and expression, good length of neck and body, front straight with developing chest. Rear well angled providing him with the drive to move purposely on the go.
3. Dunning’s Chayo Perfect Conditions. Bigger in size and proportion than others in this class. Well off for bone and substance, large headpiece with strong muzzle. Deep chest and rib. Strong front and rear, correct coat thick and harsh. In good condition he just needs to look like he is enjoying himself , initially a bit laboured but when he got going he moved okay.

Yearling Dog (3,1a)
1. Boasso’s Polarbreeze Born to be a Dream. Smaller more compact male , I would have liked a little bit more length in body. Well off for bone and in lovely condition, pleasing head and proportions , strong muzzle , width of skull with well placed small ears. Deep brisket and width of chest front straight with tight feet, sufficient spring of rib. Rear well toned with nice angles. Tail could have been looser. In good coat. Nice free movement on the go.
2. Perfitt’s Samjoe Shadowhunter. As 2 Junior Dog

Post Graduate Dog (6,2)
1. Pitcher’s Red Flower Junior Del Biagio for Tatkresiwok (Imp Ita). Typey male with good proportions. Thick coat ,pleasing head with good expression. Good for bone , ample forechest and strong in back and loin, fore and hind quarters pleasing. He filled himself a bit too much, had sufficient body and would not want to see him gain any more. Moved well with good rear action and tail carriage.
2. Druce’s Kaskae Hell of A View (ai) Young dog taking his time to mature and fill out nevertheless there is no hiding his attributes. Good head attractive and not overdone in proportions with lovely expression. Neck moderately arched leading onto back level with gentle slope to topline and good tail set. Chest is developing, good width in front, straight pasterns, rear angulation ample, would prefer shorter hock . Moved out well in profile.
Wilson’s Amelhuk Empire of New Era at Arctictundra. When standing had a pleasing profile, attractive headpiece with neck set on nice lay of shoulders. Back level and slightly sloping topline , tail well furred and held well. Front and rear sufficiently boned, short pasterns on tidy feet , rear moderately angled. Would have liked a harsher coat. Felt he was not handled to advantage and lacked purpose on the go.

Limit dog (7, 4a)
1. Inne’s Icycool Hudson Bay (ai). Well off for bone and in good physical hard condition. Strong masculine head, broad skull, moderate stop, good bite and strong muzzle, ample stop. Strong front with plenty of forechest, tight big feet, excellent rear angles, Good length in body with firm back and topline held well , super tail set and carriage, in harsh jacket. Moves lovely fore and aft with a nice side profile showing off his front reach and drive. A very pleasing dog to watch on the go.
2. Darlow’s Iceclimb Ascent. A little longer in body than 1 but still makes a nice picture standing. In good hard condition and very well toned giving the impression he is a powerhouse.
Masculine head with strong muzzle and nice dark obliquely set eye, Ear placement good. Well muscled neck set on good straight front and fore chest with arched strong feet. Strong loin and powerful hindquarters. Moved with ease and effortlessly with waving plume on the go round.
3. Martin’s Wen Magick Happenz at Dreamwolves. Smaller more compact male, makes nice picture standing, not quite the substance of 1 and 2, Pleasing head, arched neck leading to moderately sloping topline. Well ribbed and developed body. Good rear angulation. Chest needs no more width and front needs to tighten, feet splayed and toeing in on the move, noticeably long nails playing their part.

Open Dog (16,4a)
A class full of absolute quality it made my job very difficult but also such a pleasure to go over so many fine examples. The high standard throughout this class made me very spoilt for choice. I’m sure on any other day places will change and there would be no shame in that.
1. Biagiotti’s Vincent Del Biagio. Eyecatcher soon as he stepped into the ring and he did not disappoint. A young male who was full of type with super construction. Everything about him shouted malamute. Attractive masculine head with great expression, good width of muzzle, dark almond eye, thick well furred ears set well on broad skull. Strong neck with nicely constructed shoulder and fore quarters with large feet. Deep chest , ribs well sprung. Firm back with sloping topline. Well angulated hindquarters in hard muscular condition. Pleasing tail carriage. Moved soundly with drive and purpose. Presented to perfection and pleased to award him DCC.
2. Ellis’s Ch Chayo Cause Celebre. A male I have admired for a long time and another fine example of the breed. He excels in types has a very strong headpiece with super eye and ear placement. Moderate stop and strong muzzle. Good arched neck with correct lay of shoulder. Strong straight front with neat short pasterns large arched tight feet. Ample depth in chest, well ribbed body has correct topline with tail well set on. Lovely well muscled hindquarters with let down hocks. Very easy on the eye on the go round sound in front and rear with a side gait showing off lovely reach and drive. Superbly handled and well presented.
3. Pensotti’s Multi Ch BIS BISS Black Star del Biagio Excellent type well balanced with lovely outline. Appealing head with good length of muzzle, stop not overdone, good ear placement, elegantly arched neck with firm topline leading to well set tail. Correct front and rear assembly sat on strong feet , well off for bone and nicely toned. Coat harsh and in good condition. Moved well on the go round.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (2)
Both seen dogs
1. Darlow’s Iceclimb Ascent
2. Perfitt’s Samjoe Shadowhunter

Veteran Bitch (13,2a)
A class full of such wonderful veterans, such a joy to judge and everyone a credit to their owners.
1. Burgess’s Cedarcreek Forever Young at Mountainglen. She certainly lived up to her name. No pretentions with this girl, a good honest bitch with a very happy disposition. Feminine head , moderate stop, nice shaped dark eye , pleasing front and rear angulations, strong neck and still holding her topline. In great condition for her age, true to type scoring on her lovely purposeful movement.
2. Biagiotti’s It/Int Ch Noelle del Biagio
Quality bitch, with lovely features. She has a nice pretty head with broad skull and correct proportions. Neck wide and body strong standing squarer than one but with balance throughout. Good bone, tight feet , short pasterns, rear nicely angled. Jacket thick and harsh , tail well plumed and waving on the go. Very happy on the move , well handled and presented.
3. John’s Cristakell April Showers at Chardicea
Substantial bitch different type to 1 and 2 but has so much to like about her. She is strong in head and body with excellent proportions. Head appealing with kind expression, not overdone. Flowing neck into topline which she held really well on the go round. Good front and shoulders, nice depth in chest, rear quarters strong with moderate length and let down hock. Lovely tail carriage and has the movement that could shame a few youngsters.

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (3,0)
Copley-Holland’s Katabatics Troubleshooter. Stunning young girl and one to one for the future. Very pretty feminine head , with beautiful expression, strong muzzle, dark eye and ears well set on broad skull. She has super proportions throughout , well off for bone , with straight front with developing forechest. Ample rib for her age, topline level gently sloping with a tail set as it should be. Strong rear quarters put to good use on the move. Very pleased to award her BPB and BPIB she really impressed me.
2. Darlow’s Juneau’s Bright Future for Iceclimb (Imp Dnk). Another nice youngster who has a lovely outline and super coat. She did not quite have the substance of one but scored her proportions and movement. Super head with lovely expression, arched strong neck, nice lay of shoulder ample spring of rib and length of loin. Straight front with short pasterns. Muscular hindquarters with good angles.
3. Pitcher’s Cassidy del Biagio Per Tatkresiwok. Pretty youngster displaying some nice qualities and makes a nice shape picture standing, very feminine head, sufficient muzzle, eyes set obliquely, ears thick furred and well placed on head. Front is a tad wide plenty of room for chest to come. Her bone is ample for her body size, lovely short pasterns and tight feet. Her rear quarters are nice angled providing her with an easy gait on the go round. Lovely waving tail on the move.

Junior Bitch
1. Ruschena’s Cosmicfire Zero Compromise. Impressive young bitch with a lovely outline, set herself well showing her balance and angles. Elegant head with nice expression. Good length of neck, firm topline, neat lay of shoulders , strong forelegs and quarters, deep chest and body with good ribbing. Good rear drive with a true action on the down and back.
2. Perfitt’s Samjoe Seelie Queen. Close call between this and 1st place very similar type would just liked to have had a bit more of her. She was presented in good hard condition and nicely put together. Sweet face with correct stop, eye placement and ear set. Neck moderately arched set on straight front. Made a good shape with strong back and length in loin , topline moderately sloping. Nicley let down hock with firm rear well off for muscle used to advantage on the go round.
3. Hemmelder’s Kayuna in Kita’s Shadow. Attractive bitch with most appealing head. Front is straight and strong, neck muscular, good chest, shoulders and spring of rib. Well angled rear with moderately let down hocks. Being picky but I would have preferred a looser tail , moved soundly and with meaning.

Yearling bitch (3,2a)
1. Perfitt’s Samjoe Seelie Queen. As 2nd in Junior

Post Graduate Bitch (4,1a)
1. Pritchard’s Snobruk Best Kept Secret. Tidy bitch with nice balanced outline. Pleasing head and expression with strong muzzle, stop moderate, ears well furred, neat and alertly set on good width of skull. Moderate length of arched neck set on well laid shoulders. Good fore legs and rear quarters, good body and topline with well set tail and carriage on the move. She covered the ground well with a purposeful driving action.
2. Wilson’s Kurjak As Nana at Arctictundra (Imp Srb). Pretty bitch that did not seem at home on the day and lacked the presence of one. She had a nice outline and well off for bone. Coat very plush and would prefer it to be a harder texture. Head is feminine and not overdone, nice pigmentation and short strong muzzle with sufficient stop, front straight with short pasterns, nicely angled hindquarters. Slightly shorter in body but this did not impair her on movement on the go.
3. Parker’s Chayo Helping Hands for Daranash. Larger bitch with some pleasing features but I felt she lacked the bone of 1 and 2 and was bit up on leg with her chest needing to develop. Thick harsh coat, pretty head with nice expression. Good neck with moderately angled lay of shoulder sitting on straight fore quarters. Good length in body but needs to fill out a little, rear strong and has moderate angulation. Good front and rear action on the move.

Limit bitch (13,5a)
1. Inne’s Icycool Ottawa
Eyecatching bitch full of quality and substance without being too overdone. Head is strong yet feminine with good proportions, excellent neck and shoulder placement with super forequarters, short strong pasterns and good feet. Deep chest and strong in loin with good topline. Great tail and super well muscled hindquarters . Impressive on the go round moving freely with great driving action.
2. Bogle and Horsfield’s Cahppes Tailwind Takala at Valknut (Imp Swe). What a little power pack this girl is. Smaller girl with lots of virtues. Well shaped pretty head strong muzzle , well set triangular ears, moderate arched neck , well laid shoulder placement and gently sloping topline. Good front with plenty of chest , strong fore and rear quarters with lovely tail set and carriage. Moved effortlessly and powerfully like she could go all day.
3. Brouard’s Orsamals Cest Moi Fifi (Imp Gkc). Another pleasing girl with lots to like. Typical headpiece with nice dark eye and good placement, ears set well on broad skull, strong neck , good depth of chest and ribbing. Good length and height proportions , well muscled rear in fabulous hard condition, would have preferred a looser tail but does not detract from her qualities. Well presented and handled, moved truly in all directions.

Open bitch (13,2a)
What a super quality class , the class of the day with exhibits that took my breath away and made it such an enjoyable, challenging class to judge!
1. Ellis’s Ch Chayo Vasilisa. This girl ticked all the boxes, super type with plenty of substance and movement that was so easy yet powerful she looked like she good work all day. In super condition and so well handled and presented. Strong yet feminine head with soft expression. Dark eyes ,correct stop , strong muzzle and good mouth, ears well set on strong broad skull. Strong front and rear assembly, super bone throughout, short pasterns , strong compact arched feet, hocks let down. Good length of neck arched and strong , well laid shoulders, deep chest and well sprung rib. Topline as the standard dictates, tail set correct and on the move has a lovely waving plume. She moved precisely and true on the down and back and her side gait really showed off her reach and drive, sublime and unexaggerated. Pleased to award her BCC , BOB and the icing on the cake seeing her awarded WG4.
Sage’s Am Gchg Vykon’s Saucin’ I do this Often-A’mahya. This girl had travelled from the USA and what a find she was. Really liked her shape and outline with great balance. Well off for bone and body substance. Very attractive headpiece with lovely soft expression. Great dark pigmentation, dark eye, sufficient skull with well placed ears. Super front well muscled, pasterns short and feet tidy. Arched neck of good length sitting on good shoulder placement, plenty of chest and ribbing. Back level with sloping topline and nice tailset. Rear assembly nicely constructed. Impressive on the move with good rear drive and side action. Pleased to award her RBCC.
3. Scognamiglio’s Int/It Ch Eileen del Biagio. Another quality girl with lovely head and expression. Well balanced with nice proportions and angles. Correct coat and texture. Strong neck leading onto well set shoulders and good topline, with super tail set. Set herself well both front and rear showing the strength in both assemblies, well off for muscle which gave her a lovely easy action on the go round. Very well presented and handled.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (3, 0a)
1. Burgess’s Cedarcreek Forever young at Mountainglen (seen dog)
2. Perfitt’s Samjoe Seelie Queen (seen dog)
3. Whyman’s Tailfly Bloodline. Smaller girl slightly shorter coupled but still making a nice shape, pleasing pretty head with warm expression. Eye placement oblique, ears nicely set on her broad skull, arched neck , good width and depth of chest, Nice front and rear assemblies well toned which allowed her to move freely with purpose. In great jacket , well presented.

Miss Jo Sugden