Crufts 2019

Judge: Ms M Deats

Dog CC: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND CH/AmGCH Adair ‘N’ Hug Casual Class
Reserve Dog CC: Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST CH Kaskae Hooked On A Feeling ShCM
Bitch CC: Miss I NAWROCKA CH Int/Bel/Pol/Hr/Mne CH Monikoona Casablanca ShCM
Reserve Bitch CC: Dr F CIODARA Grace Hajndlberg’s Alaskan Malamutes [ATC]
Best Puppy In Breed: Mrs J YORK Chardicea Mr Mcfly
Best Veteran In Breed: Mrs KE COPLEY-HOLLAND CH/AmGCH Adair ‘N’ Hug Casual Class

Veteran Dog (Entries 14) Abs: 3
1st KE COPLEY-HOLLAND CH/AM GCH Adair ‘N’ Hug Casual Class
2nd Miss S WOLFE CH Hawkeye Polarni Usvit (Imp CZE)
3rd  JM MUNKE CH Toolik’s A River Of Dreams [ATC]
Res Mr B & Mrs S INNES CH/Pol CH Monikoona Appalachian Rock of Icycool
VHC Mr & Mrs LOND-CAULK Icewolf Devil May Cry ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 2) Abs: 1
1st Ms A DWYER & Mr S WALLACE Articrainbow Heat Wave at Thundaspirit

Puppy Dog (Entries 5) Abs: 1
1st Mrs J YORK Chardicea Mr Mcfly
2nd Miss A BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut
3rd Miss NA BROUARD Orsamals Pepe Le Peew (GKC)
Res Mr L & Mrs J HUNT Orsamals Reveuse 

Junior Dog (Entries 8) Abs: 4
1st Ms S ELLIS Chayo Cause Celebre
2nd Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb Ascent
3rd Mrs C LAGER Kiwalina’s Cold Valley Tuiaq JW [ATC]
Res: Mr & Mrs LOND-CAULK Icewolf King Of The North

Yearling Dog (Entries 8) Abs: 3
1st Mrs G, Mr K & Miss R WOODHEAD Noraisy Take My Breath Away
2nd Mr M BROWN Icewolf It’s Witchcraft at Icetrax
3rd Mr M WOODGATE Snowshoes Mountain Ranger
Res Mr J FIEGE Chivas Regal Malamute Sanctuary
VHC Mrs J WHYMAN Heartbreaker Siwash Legend (Imp CZE)  

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 12) Abs: 1
1st Mrs T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy 
2nd Mrs A WILSON Amelhuk Empire Of New Era at Arctictundra (Imp RUS)
3rd Mr D RICHARDSON Icyclawz Daayvelaski Miami
Res Mr R & Mrs N RABY Yuayua at Icemoon (Imp SWE)
VHC Mr JA & Mrs SMR FINAN Marahootay Crown Jewel (ai)

Limit Dog (Entries 12) Abs: 0
1st Mrs E EDWARDS & Mr S MOLLOY Wintablizard’s Investment (ai)
2nd Miss C WINDLEY & Mr C TAYLOR Kaskae Let’s Get It On at Royaltaylor
3rd Ms S ELLIS Chayo Suspicious Minds
Res Mrs J PITCHER Marahootay Linx under Tatkresiwok 
VHC Mrs J BROOK Snobruk Secret Mission JW (ai)

Open Dog (Entries 20) Abs: 3
1st Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST CH Kaskae Hooked On A Feeling ShCM
2nd Miss SJ FITHERN Int CH Monikoona Isildur’s Light Lux Jch
3rd Mrs SJ LOADES CH Snowolf Black Ice Buddy 
Res Mrs T & Mr E FORSEY Dark Diamond Snowflake Of Engel at Muzoku JW ShCM
VHC Miss IZ NAWROCKA & Mr BJ PHILLIPS CH Monikoona Most Wanted JW

Good Citizen Dog (Entries 4) Abs: 1
1st Mrs AE ANDERSON Tokosha Beyond The Limits to Cherubini
2nd Mr B & Mrs S INNES CH/Pol CH Monikoona Appalachian Rock of Icycool
3rd Miss DA KAY Kaytoo Antarctic Riki

Veteran Bitch (Entries 13) Abs: 2
1st Miss I NAWROCKA CH/Int/Bel/Pol/HR/Mne CH Monikoona Casablanca ShCM
2nd  Mr M BLACKBURN Ger/VDH/Int/Dk CH Celticwolf Long Night ShCM
3rd Mrs M VAN POUKE Multi CH Antarctic’Explorer Ivory’Moon Bel Jch Nl Jch [ATC]
Res Mrs M BUTLER Arcticdawn’s Free And Easy at Kaytoo 
VHC Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Cedarcreek Exquisite

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 3) Abs: 0
1st Mr AL & Mrs S MOGG Skidooshooz Time To Shine (AI)
2nd Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Jupiter Rising
3rd Mrs MR & Mr TR ANDERTON-TYERS Articrainbow Lovely Day at Flintsky

Puppy Bitch (Entries 9) Abs: 1
1st Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Snowshoes Silver Lining
2nd Miss K DOBSON & Miss S WOLFE Dreamwolves Ma Lil’ Cushla
3rd Ms S ELLIS Chayo Finesse
Res Ms I VALENKAMP & Mr C BROWN Icedream Wild At Heart
VHC Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Jupiter Rising

Junior Bitch (Entries 6) Abs: 0
1st Mrs A WILSON Arctictundra Taiya
2nd Mrs KL JELFS Lapema Gia Visto
3rd Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe’s The One And Only
Res Mr ARMENTI Lueldar Another Dimension at Albakiara
VHC Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb On Point

Yearling Bitch (Entries 11) Abs: 0
1st Mr B & Mrs S INNES Icycool Oriana
2nd Mrs JE & Miss J SMITH Snowshoes The White Witch
3rd Mr D TABARRINI Cosmicfirw Paint Your Life [ATC] 
Res Miss R BARNES & Mr J SEXTON Muzoku Lil Devil
VHC Mrs AJ & Mr DS BALLINGTON-GRAHAM Noraisy Ring Of Fire in Catua JW

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 9) Abs: 2
1st Miss K WARBURTON Tailfly Jitterbug
2nd Miss E McCLEMENTS Casiat Heart And Soul 
3rd Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe The Dream Lives On (AI)
Res Miss K DOBSON & Miss S WOLFE Sutarka La Dolle Vita
VHC Mr JA & Mrs SMR FINAN Marahootay Destiny’s Child (AI)

Limit Bitch (Entries 19) Abs: 2
1st Mrs SJ LOADES Snowolf Blackpowder Chick
2nd Mrs NA BROUARD Dreamwolves J’adore at Orsamals 
3rd Mr M BROWN Its A Kinda Dream Icetrax
Res Miss L AITCHISON & Mr S HURST Kaskae Tantrums N’ Tiaras
VHC Miss S WOLFE Dreamwolves C’Est La Vie

Open Bitch (Entries 19) Abs: 5
1st Dr F CIODARA Grace Hajndlberg’s Alaskan Malamutes [ATC]
2nd Ms S ELLIS CH Chayo Blue Diamond (AI)
3rd  Mrs G, Mr K & Miss R WOODHEAD Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy
Res Mr J HORSMAN & Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX Nordicwinds American Dream JW ShCM
VHC Miss G KEELING Ir/Int CH Kishdigra Criminal Intent CW18

Good Citizen Bitch (Entries 4) Abs: 1
1st Mrs S & Miss L PERFITT Samjoe The Dream Lives On (ai)
2nd Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb On Point
3rd Mr R & Mrs N RABY Candrakanta Moon Child at Icemoon

Judge's Critiques

Thank you for a representational entry at this prestigious show. It has been 4 and a half years since my last appointment in the breed, and over 1 and a half years since I last was in the UK, having retired and am now residing in the USA. Overall a good quality entry but considered the dog entry greater depth of quality than the bitch. Temperaments, bar one, were excellent, and that dog was excused from the class. Eye shape has improved immensely, no more ‘slit or oriental eyeshape’. Some concerns I observed throughout the entry were. lighter than desired eyes in many cases, esp. in seal dogs, where one would expect to find very dark eyes. Some ears were too thin, one or two had ears either too upright/close on skull or the opposite. Tail set on and carriage continues to be a problem, along with several which I thought were a bit short in length. One aspect I was alarmed at finding in the entry was the application of ‘something’ on the coat of the dogs. In several cases something had been applied to make the topline outer coat very harsh, yet the body’s side coat completely different. In several other cases some other product had been applied to the dog’s legs. When I asked one of the handlers what was on the legs, I was told ‘Just Paw Wax’ so the dog wouldn’t slip on the flooring. Not what I was feeling, which was on the inner side of upper front legs, giving the appearance of more bone than the dog had. I can only hope these examples were not from UK based exhibitors.

VD (14,3).
1,Copley-Holland’s Ch./Am. GCH. Adair ‘N’ Hug Casual Class 9 year old stood out for typical head and expression, outline, overall balance, movement, correct coat, slightly sloping topline from withers to croup, very good angles fore and aft, very good quality bone and feet, correct waving plume of tail, excellent gait that is free, effortless and tireless. He was the first dog I had my hands on today and I couldn’t find anything that could exceed him for breed type, conformation and movement. Dog CC and Best of Breed.
2, Wolfe’s Ch. Hawkeye Polarni Usvit (imp Cze), 8 and a half year old male another very typical male, not overdone, with correct topline and tail, very good coat and gait, excellent front angles, but would like a bit more muscle development in rear.
3,Munke’s Ch. Toolik’s A River of Dreams (ATC Deut). Another 8 and a half year old dog I liked very much indeed with correct conformation, lovely head and expression, correct topline, enough leg length, very good muscle. Unfortunately, today has almost no hair on his tail, but its carriage is correct.

MPD (2,1).
1,Dwyer & Wallace’s Articrainbow Heat Wave at Thundaspirit. 8 months old stood alone, as is usual for this age, needs more time to come into his own. very good head and expression, correct conformation and balance, needs more time for both development and training, but promising.

PD (5,1). All present had tails that could have been a tad more loose.
1, York’s Chardicea Mr.McFly, 10 month old lad who was the most typical for outline, topline, balance, coat, very good head and expression, balanced and correct front and rear angles, correct coat and very good gait. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed.
2, Bogle & Horsfield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut,9 month old who right now is giving away a lot of maturity in head and body development. He has excellent dark eyes for shape and colour. Ok gait and topline could be a bit stronger.
3,Brouard’s Orsamals Pepe Le Peew another 9 month old with very appealing expression, having very good eye colour, conformation, correct topline, but his tail, unfortunately, is far too tight, thus spoiling the overall effect.

JD (8,4).
1, Ellis’ Chayo Case Celebre,15-month-old dog with excellent, eye catching outline, very good head, expression, very good bone and feet, very good rear muscle development, most typical overall, but tail is a bit high set.
2, Darlow’s Iceclimb Ascent,15-month-old. This dog I feel will need several years to develop and come into his own. very good for overall conformation, correct head, eye colour and shape, promising.
3, Lager’s Kiwalina’s Cold Valley Tuiage,Good outline, leg length, overall balance, dark eyes, not the shoulder layback and upper arm as those placed in front of him, and this showed on the move.

YD (8,3).
1, Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away,21-month-old with excellent outline overall, masculine head and expression, correct eye colour for coat colour, matching angles fore and aft, moved very well when he settled, correct slightly sloping topline.
2, Brown’s Icefwolf It’s Witchcraft at Icetrax,19-month-old with typical outline, head, expression, good front, bone and feet, good topline, but tail is for me a bit too high set. very good coat texture.
3,Woodgate’s Snowshoes Mountain Ranger, 23 months.if one were to ignore the far too tight tail, otherwise an overall good specimen of the breed. Correct topline, masculine head and expression, correct ears and eyes.

PGD (12,1).
1, Forsey’s Muzoku Lets Go Crazy, 3 year old attractive male with very good ears, eyes, neck, forehand and topline. Currently losing coat, as is often the case with so many spitz breeds at this time of the year, but it didn’t detract from his well balanced overall body and excellent tail. He came into his own with use of low set rear hocks producing an effortless, driving and true movement.
2, Wilson’s Amelhuk Empire of New Era at Arctitundrea (Imp Rus), 3 year old excels for head and expression, very good strength to muzzle, very good front and rear with correct topline, but is a tad shorter in loin than desired. very good gait.
3 Richardson’s Icyclawz Daayvelaski Miami,heavier built 4 year old with correct, typical head and expression, very good neck, forehand, good tail. Not as fluid on the move as those placed above him, but nonetheless, a quality dog.

LD (12,1).
1, Edwards & Molloy’s Wintablizzards Investment (AI),Only 20 months old but lovely masculine head with excellent dark eyes and neat ears set correctly. Not in best coat, obviously, but his conformation, balance overall, topline, correct tail carriage overcomes this.
2, Windley & Taylor’s Kaaskae Let’s Get It on at Royaltaylor,This 20 month old male is in full winter coat, still, so to some, he may appear to be short in leg, but I didn’t find that true. He has a very good head with most typical expression, very good gait, strong loin, but when inattentive, topline can soften.
3,Ellis’ Chayo Suspicious Mindss, 20 month old again, with correct breed type, excellent head and expression, very good front and tail carriage, correct topline, is totally out of coat, but nothing to hide.

OD (20,3,1 excused).
1, Aitchison & Hurst’s Ch. Kaskae Hooked on a Feeling ShCM 6 year masculine dog with excellent conformation, balance, topline, not too compact, plenty of leg, correct tail, just overall excellent in his movement as well. RCC
2, Fithern’s Int Ch. Monikoona Isildurs Light Lux Jch, 4 year old male slightly different type to class winner, but with much to like, having an excellent forehand, topline, coat texture. Eyes for me are a shade light. very good gait.
3,Loades, Ch. Snowolf Black Ice Buddy,lovely seal dog of 4 years having correct eye shape and colour and correct ears for set on and size. Another one with excellent conformation overall, correct topline, very sound on the move, very good tail carriage.

GCD (4,1).
1,Anderson’s Tokosha Beyond the Limits to Cherubini (AI), 6 year old unplaced in limit dog class previously of the 3 presented for this class, I found this dog to be the best mover and most typical.
2, Innes’ Ch/Pol Ch. Monikoona Appalachian Rock of Icycool,VG dog not as settled as he was in Vet. Dog class. Prefer his head, body and bone over #3.
3, Kay’s Kaytoo Antarctic Riki, 7 year old male who is more lightly built, so lacks the substance. I did, however, prefer his tail over #2.

VB (13,2)
1, Nawrocka’ Multi/Int/Be/Pol/Mne/UK Ch Nonikoona Casablanca ShCm, almost 10 years old and one would never suspect her age! Overall she is very balanced throughout with correct construction, topline. She has a very good head with dark eyes and small neat ears. She has excellent bone and feet, correct topline and moved extremely well. Bitch CC.
2, Blackburn’s GerVDR/Int/DkCh. Celticwolf Long Night ShCM, 8 years old. Another very good overall example of the breed with correct overall conformation and balance, correct slightly sloping topline from withers. Dark eyes and well set ears. very good tail for set on and carriage, very good gait.
3, Van Poucke’s Muti Ch. Antartic Explorer Ivory’Moon BJch NL Jch (ATC Bel) 9 and a half years bitch with very good dark eyes but are a tad round, rather than almond. She ahs a good front, very good bone and feet, correct proportions in body, not too compact. very good side and rear gait but tends to toe in front.

MPB (3).
1, Mogg’s Skidooshooz Time to Shine (AI), 8 months old bitch having an attractive, feminine expression, dark eyes, correct ears for st on and size, very good gait and coat. Tail could be looser.
2, Robb’s Icewolf Jupiter Rising, 7 months old baby and needs much more time, having a pretty, feminine head, but skull needs to widen for correct ear set. OK front and gait, very good coat and topline. Give her another 18 months.
3, Anderton-Tyers’ Articrainbow Lovely Day at Flintsky, 8-month-old bitch who is much taller. She has dark eyes and well-set ears, not so positive in front and rear as the others, very good coat.

PB (9,2). Very noticeable in this class were the number of exhibits with concerns for ear size, set on, correct dentition, and narrow fronts. I hope that age will help many of them a great deal, because it should be a slow maturing breed.
1, Smith’s Snowshoes Silver Lining11 month old who is moderate throughout. She has an OK front, very good topline, very good bone and feet. very good expression with dark eyes. She moves well Best Puppy Bitch.
2, Dobson & Wolfe’s Dreamwolves Ma Lil’ Cushla, 8-month puppy bitch who is heavier built throughout. For me, her head needs much more time to ‘break’ as the stop is somewhat deep, so this affects expression to a degree. Otherwise, she is very good to go over, with very good coat, tail and gait. Her topline tends to rise a bit today, hopefully when fully grown this will settle.
3, Ellis’ Chayo Finesse, a very flashy, well-schooled exhibit, who is up to size. She has a very good body, coat of Very good texture. Excellent side and rear gait, but not the forehand desired, which affected that aspect of movement. For me, this exhibit was overhandled.

JB (6)
1, Wilson’s Artictundra Taiya, 15 month old bitch who appeals overall in make and shape, having dark eyes with correct shape, good ears. She has good front, correct topline and overall a very good balance between height and length meaning not too square. Correct topline, very good tail, correct front and rear gait when she decides to pay attention.
2, Jelfs’ Lapema Gia Visto, 16 months and very much what I look for in the breed for her age, Excellent body, very good length of loin, lovely dark eyes, well angled and muscular rear quarters, excellent tail. I had her mentally winning the class but for some reason her left ear was bothering her so it affected her expression, a pity.
3 Perfitt’s Samjoe’s The One and Only, 16 month old girl with very good overall height to length proportions, nothing fancy or flashy about this girl today, but she gets the job done, having very good bone and feet, tail, dark eyes and good ears.

YB (11)
1, Innes’ IcyCool Orianna, almost 2 year old beautiful bitch with the expression, head, body, bone, feet excellent tail and correct topline. I find her a very promising one to look for in the near future.
2, Smith’s Snowshoes the White Witch 19 months bitch not as mature as class winner, but has Excellent expression, very good neck and forehand, correct topline, tail. Today is in between coats.
3, Tabarrini Cosmicfire Paint your Life (ATC IT) 20 month old bitch has a very good head and expression with dark eyes. very good body, bone, feet, overall correct height to length proportions, excellent tail, very good gait. Another one that for me was overhandled.

PGB (9,2). A very mixed class of quality.
1,Warburton’s Tailfly Jitterbug, 23 months old who appeals for overall outline and balance, very good head, expression, ears. very good rear quarters, gait and tail.
2, McClements Casiat Heart and Soul, 3 years old who needs more body and coat today, but she has the basics. For a seal exhibit, I would have liked much darker eyes. very good to go over and has very good gait.
3, Perfitt’s Samjoe The Dream live on (AI) 2 and a half year old bitch with very good height to length ratios, dark eyes, neat ears correctly set on, Pasterns could be stronger, ok gait.

LB (19,2).
1, Loades’ Snowolf Blackpowder Chick, not a glamour girl compared to some others today, but has all the breed requirements. She is a seal bitch with eyes that could be darker, but aside from that has excellent conformation, correct balance not too square, beautiful feet, bone, body and excellent gait, demonstrating her effortless, tireless and true gait.
2, Brouard’s Dreamwolves J’Adore at Orsamals, 4 year old another seal who is in full winter coat, and could be a tad longer in leg, but otherwise is very good to go over for conformation and gait.
3 Brown’s It’s A Kinda Dream Icetrax, 3 and a half year old bitch so much to like about her, she has a beautiful head with dark eyes, sufficient strength to muzzle, very good angles fore and aft but persisted on moving very wide in the rear.

OB (19,5).
1, Dr. Ciodaro’s Grace Hajndlber’s Alaskan Malamute (ATC VN), 2 year old excellent bitch full of breed type and quality. Tail could be a tad looser. she has excellent overall conformation front and rear, correct topline, and excellent movement in all directions, RCC.
2, Ellis’ Ch. Chayo Blue Diamond (AI), 4 year old bitch full of beans, another quality bitch not quite the excellent forehand of class winner but very close. Excellent bone, body, topline and gait.
3, Woodhead’s Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy ,5 year old bith with all the basics of the breed having very good head and expression. very good front, topline, tail and gait, overall a pleasing example of the breed.

GCB (4,1).
1, Perfitt’s Samjoe The Dream Lives on (AI), 3rd in PGB.
2, Darlow’s Iceclimb on Point, VHC in Junior Bitch, 17 months is at that in between stage in development, has the basics, just needs time.
3. Raby’s Candakanta Moon Child at Icemoon, 6 year unplaced in a strong OB class. 6 yrs old seal exhibit, with good head, though the ears a tad too low set. Not the front as those placed above her. very good coat and tail, good bone and feet, moves OK.

Mary Deats