Border Union

Judge(s) Mrs Bridgette Bodle

BEST OF BREED: Ms S ELLIS Chayo Cause Celebre
Dog Challenge Certificate: Ms S ELLIS Chayo Cause Celebre (WG1)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB CH/Int/Bel/Lux/Ger/Nl CH Under Icewolf Star Inditarod JW ShCM
Bitch Challenge Certificate: Miss RJ BROWN Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul of Cupun (ai)
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate: Miss DOBSON & WOLFE Sutarka La Dolle Vita
Best Puppy In Breed: Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Maleficent Me (PG4)

Puppy Dog (Entries 1) Abs: 0
1st Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Whitewalker Del Lago Degli Orsi

Junior Dog (Entries 1) Abs: 0
1st Miss A BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 0) Abs: 0

Limit Dog (Entries 2) Abs: 1
1st Mr R & Mrs N RABY Yuayua at Icemoon (Imp SWE)

Open Dog (Entries 6) Abs: 1
1st Ms S ELLIS Chayo Cause Celebre
2nd Ms S ELLIS & Mrs A NEVINSON Chayo Golden Touch ShCM
3rd Mrs SJ LOADES CH Snowolf Black Ice Buddy
Res Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS CH Inupiat’s Qulit Henrik at Whitewalker (Imp NOR)
VHC Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Dark Diamond Snowflake Of Engel at Muzoku JW ShCM

Veteran Dog (Entries 5) Abs: 3
1st Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB CH/Int/Bel/Lux/Ger/Nl CH Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod
2nd Miss DA KAY Kaytoo Antarctic Riki

Puppy Bitch (Entries 8) Abs: 1
1st Ms T & Mr E FORSEY Muzoku Maleficent Me
2nd Mr J HORSMAN & Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp RUS)
3rd Mrs J WARWICK First Lady with Tolketna (Imp)
Res Mrs M BUTLER Paha Sapa Mals Blahnik via Kaytoo (Imp ITA)
VHC Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Jupiter Rising

Junior Bitch (Entries 5) Abs: 0
1st Mr J HORSMAN & Mrs J HORSMAN-PHOENIX Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp RUS)
2nd Ms J SUTHERLAND Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 0) Abs:

Limit Bitch (Entries 2) Abs: 1
Miss DOBSON & WOLFE Sutarka La Dolle Vita

Open Bitch (Entries 7) Abs: 4
1st Miss RJ BROWN Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul of Cupun (ai)
2nd Ms S ELLIS CH Chayo Blue Diamond (AI)
3rd Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf It’s Only Withcraft (ai) JCh LUX

Veteran Bitch (Entries 4) Abs: 1
1st Mr C LOCKHART & Miss L SEMPLE Cahppes As If By Magic (Imp SWE)
2nd Mrs M BUTLER Kaytoo Antarctic Anko
3rd Mr R & Mrs N RABY Candrakanta Moon Child at Icemoon


Judge's Critiques

PD (1)
1 Pullin & Mountstephen’s Whitewalker Del Lago Degli Orsi (Imp Ita). 9 mth well grown boy with a good amount of leg, good head shape with width to skull and slight stop, dark eye obliquely set, ears rather large at present, straight well boned forelegs and strong pasterns, deep enough in chest but a touch narrow through the front, excellent topline and rear angles, an impressive mover for his age covering the ground with good strides.

JB (1)
1 Bogle & Horsefield’s Whitewalker Kings Landing At Valknut. 12 mth dog, pleasing in outline, head has good width to skull and muzzle is broad, he has slightly arched neck and moderate lay of shoulder with sufficient bone all through, a little weak in pasterns and he does tend the stand 10 to 2, but no doubt that will improve as he matures on, good topline and croup, a sound and easy mover shown in good coat and general condition.

LD (2,1)
1 Raby’s Yuayua At Icemoon. Two and a half yr male with a strong masculine head and lovely dark eye, earset could be a little higher, strong slightly arched neck and well laid shoulders, he has very good bone all through, excellent compact feet with arched toes, well muscled quarters and was presented in excellent coat, profile movement shows power but he needs to tighten a little in front.

OD (6,1)
1, DCC, BOB & WG1, Ellis’ Chayo Cause Celebre. An impressive youngster of just 22 mths, in top condition, super all male head with dark oblique eye and neat well set ears, well proportioned body with a good spring of rib, deep brisket and firm slightly sloping topline, tail set on high and carried correctly, a strong and powerful mover displaying excellent drive, particularly evident in his tireless profile movement.
2 Ellis & Nevinson’s Chayo Golden Touch ShCM. This 5 yr boy was my RCC winner back in 2017, he has a gorgeous head and expression, excellent ears and is strongly made all through, slightly sloping topline and moderately angulated well muscled quarters, disappointingly his mind seemed elsewhere and although he moved soundly I have seen him show more enthusiasm than he did today
3 Loades’ Ch Snowolf Black Eyed Buddy.

VD (5, 2)
1, BV & RDCC, Robb’s Ch/Int Ch/Bel/Ch/Ger Ch/NL Ch Under Icewoods Star Inditarod JW ShCM. At almost 10 years old, this boy is an outstanding veteran, not just for his coat and general condition but also his movement as he has the most powerful rear drive and he looks like he could go all day, not the biggest in terms of size or bone but presents a balanced picture. Handsome head with oblique eye and neat ears, straight forelegs and muscled moderately laid shoulders, well bent stifles and strong hocks.
2 Kay’s Kaytoo Arctic Riki. Taller and a touch lighter framed than the winner, pleasing head with oblique eye, good neck running cleanly into topline, good lay of shoulders, excellent feet, covers the ground well but not displaying the power of the winner.

PB (8,2) A lovely class of puppies all at varying stages of development and coat.
1, BP & PG4 Forsey’s Muzoku Maleficent Me. A very attractive girl whose head appealed greatly for femininity and overall shape, she has a lovely dark eye and well set ears which she just needs to grow into. Straight forelegs with enough bone and tight feet, topline slopes slightly towards a well set tail, a free and tireless mover, particularly good in profile where her good drive was evident.
2 Horsman-Phoenix’s Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds (Imp Rus). A particularly beautiful bitch presented in top order, she has a very nice head and expression and a lovely arch to her neck, moderate lay of shoulder, straight forelegs and short pasterns, compact enough body with good hind angulation and well set tail, another true and strong day mover but I just preferred the reach of the winner on the day.
3 Warwick’s Lady With Tolketna.

JB (5,2)
1 Snow Legend Be My Lucky Nordicwinds.
2 Sutherland’s Dreamwolves Hocus Pocus. A very pretty girl who was totally naked today, she makes a nice shape with sufficient bone and depth through the chest, slightly sloping topline, carried her tail well on the move.
3 W/D.

LB (2,1)
1 & RBCC, Dobson & Wolfe’s Sutarka La Dolle Vita. I liked this attractive and feminine girl very much, she has a good head shape with sufficient strength, flat skull and oblique eye and her ears are small and neat, not in her fullest coat but she is very soundly constructed with straight forelegs, moderate lay of shoulder balanced by hind angulation, firm slightly sloping topline and strong hocks, a true and easy mover, beautifully handled and moved to advantage.

OB (7,4)
1 & BCC, Brown’s Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul Of Cupun (A1). A rather striking strongly made girl with excellent bone and in top condition, correct head shape with small well set ears and oblique eye although she could have a little more femininity in her expression. Straight forelegs with strong pasterns and good feet, her topline is firm but I would have liked a more definate slope towards the croup, well set tail, her hind quarters are strong with moderate angulation and parallel hocks and she used what she was given to advantage displaying superior reach and drive as she powered around the ring. Pleased to award her the CC today which I believe is her first, congratulations
2 Ellis’ Ch Chayo Blue Diamond. Smaller in stature and much more feminine in the head with dark oblique eye and well set ears, clean neck and well laid shoulders, sufficient forechest and good ribbing, gave her handler a hard time to begin with but soon settled down to move correctly, I preferred her overall shape to that of
3 Robb’s Icewolf It’s Only Witchcraft (AI) JCh Lux.

VB (4,1)
1 Lockhart & Semples Cahppes As If By Magic (Imp Swe). I thought this 7 yr bitch had a beautiful head and expression with a lovely eye and small well used ears, her body may be a little longer than ideal but her topline remains strong, straight forelegs with moderate bone and good ribbing, covered the group easily and with good rear drive.
2 Butler’s Kaytoo Antarctic Anko. Smaller than the winner but with more than sufficient bone, good head shape with flat skull and visible stop but not quite the strength of the winner and when she used her ears it really enhanced her expression, moderately angulated front, with a deep chest and sufficient forechest, moved out very well but I would have liked a little more hind angulation
3 Raby’s Candrakanta Moon Child At Icemoon.

Bridgette Bodle