Blackpool 2006

Judge:  Mr D Killilea

BEST OF BREED: MS SL ELLIS Chayo Blue Thunder (WG4)
Best Dog & CC: MS SL ELLIS Chayo Blue Thunder
Reserve Best Dog: MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America
Best Bitch & Reserve CC: MRS PA WILKINSON Gorkeane De Jungla Negra (Imp)
Reserve Best Bitch: MS SL ELLIS Chayo Moet Chandon
Best Puppy In Breed: MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America

Puppy Dog (Entries 9) Abs: 1
1st  MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America
2nd  MR J & MRS SA POWNEY Sikuamarok Sound of Drums
3rd  MR B & MRS S INNES Tuvaurat American Dream
Res MRS J YORK & MS S ELLIS Chayo The Real Thing

Junior Dog (Entries 5) Absentees: 0
1st  MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America
2nd  J SUGDEN & Z BLACKWOOD Chayo Talk of the North
3rd  MR M MCQUEEN & MISS N L CROSS Snowolf Hoosier Hot Shot
Res JANET SAPSFORD Dankatcha Jorgen Shiva
VHC MS P HAMILTON Polarpaws Tigers Eye

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 12) Abs: 6
1st  MRS SD BALFOUR-BELLAMY Dankatcha Aleutian Green Is for Aaktuq
2nd  MR & MRS S QUEEN Chayo Black Mischief
3rd  MISS EL BROUGHTON & MR M WYARD Cherdene Sea Biscuit for Brandelle
Res MR M & MRS S KENDALL Zeelukzak Dark Dream for Icetrekker
VHC MR M MCQUEEN & MISS NL CROSS Snowolf New York Smoothie

Limit Dog (Entries 12) Abs: 0
1st  MISS A COMAN Arctictrek Georgia’s Dream at Wintalakes ShCM
2nd  MRS SJ & MR ML LOADES Snowolf Long Island T
3rd  MR A SCOTT & MISS J WHEATLEY Kaytoo Winter Storm
Res MISS BOTTERILL, ELLIS & ALLEN Keikewabics Shepherdsway Chayo (Imp)
VHC MR K & MRS S A SMITH Zeelukzak Dark Knight

Open Dog (Entries 2) Abs: 0
1st  MS S L ELLIS Chayo Blue Thunder
2nd  MRS P A WILKINSON Gwinner Lapema Star de Jungla Negra (Imp)

Veteran Dog (Entries: 2) Abs: 0
1st  MRS SJ & MR ML LOADES Shepherdsway Wovoka of Snowolf
2nd  MR RW & MISS DL RYAN Jacbar Golden Granite

Puppy Bitch (Entries 4) Abs: 0
1st MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Miss America
2nd MS S L ELLIS Chayo In Your Eyes
3rd  MRS S DEAN Teikota Go The Distance
Res MR W MORT Arcticbreeze Lady Imokara

Junior Bitch (Entries 8) Abs: 1
1st  MR K & MRS K HUNTER Tuvaurat Miss America
2nd  SJ & MISS EA SMITH Chayo Loveheart
3rd  MRS D & MR J KELSEY Chayo True Blue
Res MISS J SHORER Dankatcha’s Hot Fuss over Koromandel
VHC MRS J WARWICK Shepherdsway It’s Snowing of Tolketna

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 18) Abs: 9
1st  MR B & MRS S INNES Shepherdsway Night Shadows
2nd  MR K & MRS SA SMITH Zeelukzak Honey Bun
3rd  MISS EL & MR M BROUGHTON & WYARD Cherdene Gis a Bit for Brandelle
Res MRS AJ & MR DS BALLINGTON-GRAHAM Dankatcha’s Zudi at Catua
VHC MRS J BROOK Arctictreks Skyes The Limit for Snobruk

Limit Bitch (Entries 13) Abs: 5
1st  MS SL ELLIS Chayo Moet Chandon
2nd  MR K & MRS SA SMITH Zeelukzak Charlies Girl
3rd  MR J FORSTER & MISS L BETHWAITE Kaytoo Winter Wandaland of Kachemak
Res MR SR & MRS VA MARLE Kaiyuh Lucky Chance

Open Bitch (Entries 10) Abs: 4
1st  MRS PA WILKINSON Gorkeane De Jungla Negra (Imp)
2nd  MRS M BUTLER Kaytoo Winter Ascent
>3rd  MR I ELLIOTT & MISS A CAMPBELL Cinneli Solkic Kia for Packice
Res MR J & MRS K BOTTERILL Cinneli Kicsol Sky
VHC MR SR & MRS VA MARLE Kaiyuh Lucky Chance

Veteran Bitch (Entries 4) Abs: 0
1st  MS J SUGDEN Arctictrek Venus Rising
2nd  MRS M BUTLER Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo
3rd  MRS SJ & MR ML LOADES Hyteton Ka-Piette of Snowolf
Res JANET SAPSFORD Arctictrek Ladi-Ananya at Dankatcha

Judge's Critiques

Many thanks to the Blackpool Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge Alaskan Malamutes at CC level in this, their first year. Without doubt, the breed has come a long way in the last few years, but still has a long way to go. Although temperaments were v gd on the day, this still needs to be v carefully watched, as this breed seems to attract first time owners, which is clearly reflected in the handling & presentation of the d’s. In some of the early classes it was also v difficult to determine whether some of the d’s were Malamutes or Siberian Huskies & this should never happen. I must also comment on the number of long coats or woollies which are being shown in the breed ring. These should be sold ad pets without papers, & not shown or bred from, thus eliminating them from the gene pool.

PD (9).
1 Hunter’s Tyvaurat Made In America. Super p who stood away in this class. Looking every inch a Malamute, with correct size & substance for age, in excellent coat. Correct head, neat ears, attractive expression, gd front, tight feet, excellent hindquarters, correct tailset, v sound for one so young. BP & RBD;
2 Powney’s Sikumarok Sound Of Drums. Another quality youngster who had lots to like about him. Pleasing head well off for bone & substance, made a gd overall shape, quite sound, just not in full coat today;
3 Inne’s Iuvaurat American Dream.

JD (5).
1 Hunter’s T M In America;
2 Sugden & Blackwood’s Chayo Talk Of The North. 15 mnths youngster who made a gd overall shape, well off for coat, typy head, neat ears, correct length of muzzle, gd bite, straight front, tight feet, firm topline, strong rear. Moved out well;
3 McQueen & Cross’ Snowolf Hoosier Hot Shot.

PGD (12).
1 Balfour-Bellamy’s Dankatcha Aleutian Green Is For Aaktuq. Gd size male, in full coat, tail a touch tight. Strong head, gd ears & eyes, powerful neck, firm topline, gd front & feet, just needs to strengthen behind;
2 Queen’s Chayo Black Mischief. 2 yr old male well off for type. Strong in head, gd width of muzzle, neat well set ears, dark eye. In gd coat, moved reasonably well;
3 Broughton & Wyard’s Cherdene Sea Biscuit For Brandelle.

LD (12).
1 Coman’s Arctictrek Georgia’s Dream At Wintalakes ShCM. Mature, substantial male who makes a nice overall shape. Attractive head, neat ears, just a touch light in eye. Excellent bone, front & feet, strong hindquarters, correct tailset, sound both coming & going;
2 Loades’ Snowolf Long Island T. Another pleasing d, with plenty of breed type. Well off for bone, tight feet, gd coat, correct tailset. Makes a nice shape, sound, would just like a little more substance;
3 Scott & Wheatley’s Kaytoo Winter Storm.

OD (2).
1 Ellis’ Chayo Blue Thunder. Gave this d the breed at Crufts 2005 & my opinion of him has not changed. Oozes breed type, excels in bone & substance, great head, ears & eyes, powerful neck, firm topline, both stood & on the move. Great rear quarters & excellent freighting gait. In full coat & put down to perfection. V well handled, BDC & BOB G4;
2 Wilkinson’s Gwinner-Lapema-Star De Jungla Negra (Imp). Fully mature 4 yr old male, with plenty of bone & substance. Attractive head piece, neat ears, slightly light in eye. Gd front & feet. Strong hindquarters, excellent tailset, slightly longer cast than 1, moved out effortlessly.

VD (2).
1 Loade’s Shepherdsway Wovoka Of Snowolf. 10 yr old boy of correct size, making a nice shape, in great condition, pleasing head, neat ears, gd topline for age, moved out with purpose;
2 Ryan’s Jacbar Golden Granite. 9ž yrs larger than average male, with v strong head. Lots of bone & substance, well off for coat, age catching up with him on the move.

PB (4).
1 Hunter’s Tuvaurat Miss America. Litter sister to BP with many of his virtues. Excellent head, ears & eyes. Gd front, strong rear, correct tailset, excellent coat. Moved out with purpose, v sound;
2 Ellis’ Chayo In Your Eyes. Another v promising p, well off for breed type, super coat, excellent front & feet. Giving her handler a hard time on the move today;
3 Dean’s Teikota Go The Distance.

JB (8).
1 Hunter’s T M America;
2 Smith’s Chayo Loveheart. Pleasing young b of gd size & shape. Well boned, pleasing head, neat ears, gd front & feet, tail a touch tight & lacking a little coat today. Moved soundly;
3 Kelsey’s Chayo True Blue.

PGB (18).
1 Innes’ Shepherdsway Night Shadows. Bl/w b with plenty of bone & substance. Typy head, neat ears, strong neck, firm topline. Straight front, tight feet, in gd coat, moved soundly;
2 Smith’s Zeelukzak Honeybun. V typy red b who made an excellent shape. Pleasing head, correct ears, in gd coat, moved out well;
3 Broughton & Wyard’s Cherdene Gis A Bit For Brandelle.

LB (13).
1 Ellis’ Chayo Moet Chandon. V glamorous young b of excellent type, although not the biggest. Super front & feet, lovely head with super expression. In full coat, turned out to perfection, moved out well for her young handler. Needs another year to realise her full potential. RBB:
2 Smith’s Zeelukzak Charlies Girl. Another pretty b, similar in type to 1. Pleasing head, correct coat, sound, just a little erratic on the move. Just needs to get her act together to take higher honours;
3 Forster & Bethwaite’s Kaytoo Winter Wandaland Of Kachemak.

OB (10).
1 Wilkinson’s Gorkeane De Jungla Negra (Imp). Strong imposing b who looks as though she can do the job she was bred for. Not quite the glamour of some, but oozes breed type. Excellent front & feet, strong head, neat ears gd width of muzzle with correct scissor bite, powerful neck, firm topline, correct hindquarters. Excellent on the move, BB & RCC:
2 Butler’s Kaytoo Winter Ascent. Another quality b with a lot of her sire’s type showing through. Excellent head, neat well set ears, gd straight front, tight feet, excellent body & v sound;
3 Elliott & Campbell’s Cinneli Solkic Kia For Packice.

VB (4).
1 Sugden’s Arctictrek Venus Rising Taf. 8 yrs old favourite of mine. Lovely strong b of excellent type, well off for bone with super feet. Turned out in full coat & excellent presentation. Didn’t look her age in the line up, considered her for top honours;
2 Butler’s Arctictrek Kyote Girl At Kaytoo. V similar in type to 1. In super coat, making an excellent shape, pleasing head, strong body, moved out well;
3 Loade’s Hyteton Ka-Piette Of Snowolf.