Birmingham National 2006

Judge: Mrs K Howarth

BEST OF BREED : Miss A YOUNG & Mr B J PHILLIPS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover’N Blk (Imp) (WG4)
Dog CC: Miss A YOUNG & Mr B J PHILLIPS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover’N Blk (Imp)
Reserve Dog CC: Miss A COMAN Arctictrek’s Georgias Dream At Wintalakes ShCM
Bitch CC: Mrs M BUTLER Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo
Reserve Bitch CC: Mr D PORRITT Cedarcreek Angel of Mercy
Best Puppy In Breed: Ms S ELLIS Achak Domino

MINOR PUPPY DOG 11 Entries (Abs: 0)
1st: Ms S ELLIS Achak Domino
2nd: Mr R & Mrs G LEWIS Kaiyuh Golly Gee
3rd: Mr S & Mrs R WHITFIELD Kaiyuh Yukon Endevour
Res: Ms D JACKSON Kaiyuh Moongoose
VHC: Mr K & Mrs K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America

PUPPY DOG 10 Entries (Abs: 1)
1st: Miss E & Mrs G RIGGOTT Arctictrek’s Red Royal Wolf
2nd: Miss SA MOSS & Mr CM RUSHTON Kegluneq Puff Daddy
3rd: Mrs JK SAPSFORD Dankatcha Jorgen Shiva
Res: Mr K & Mrs K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America
VHC: Miss SP THOMPSON Seeonees Superstition

JUNIOR DOG 6 Entries (Abs: 2)
1st: Mr M & Mrs S KENDALL Zeelukzak Dark Dream For Icetrekker
2nd: Mr B & Mrs W WILLIAMS Polarpaws Onyx Dream
3rd: Ms Z BLACKWOOD & Ms J SUGDEN Chayo Talk Of The North
Res: Mr K & Mrs K HUNTER Tuvaurat Made In America

POST GRADUATE DOG 22 Entries (Abs: 3)
1st: Ms S ELLIS Chayo Dom Perignon
2nd: Mr B WANLESS Blacklotus Son Of A Witch At Northcoast (Imp)
3rd: Mrs V & Mr D MONTGOMERY Kaiyuh Fire Cracker
Res: Mr B, Mrs W & Mr N WILLIAMS Polarpaws Tok Ranger
VHC: Mr M & Mrs L OWEN Zeelukzak Magic Moment

LIMIT DOG 13 Entries (Abs: 3)
1st: Mr MP & Mrs LJ HALL Chayo Alabama Slammer at McKinley’s
2nd: Miss J BOTTERILL, Ms S ELLIS & Ms A ALLEN Keikewabics Shepherdsway Chayo TAF
3rd: Mr D SALTER Dankatchas Tantenda at Tyetenda
Res: Mr R & Mrs G LEWIS Kaiyuh African Memories
VHC: Mrs AE ANDERSON Hyteton Athina Galonn For Cherubini

OPEN DOG  12 Entries (Abs: 4)
1st: Miss A YOUNG & Mr B J PHILLIPS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover’N Blk (Imp)
2nd: Miss A COMAN Arctictrek’s Georgias Dream At Wintalakes ShCM
3rd: Ms S ELLIS Chayo Blue Thunder
Res: Mrs C JOHN Cristakell Jump’n’jak Frost
VHC: Mrs PA WILKINSON Gwinner Lapema Star De Jungla Negra (Imp)

MINOR PUPPY BITCH 13 Entries (Abs: 2)
1st: Ms S ELLIS Chayo In Your Eyes
2nd: Ms S McIVER & Mr J DAVIES Tuvaurat American Girl TAF
3rd: Mr R & Mrs G LEWIS Kaiyuh African Snocrystal
Res: Mrs F JACKSON Jubilant Jolly Josie
VHC: Mrs S & Mr J DEAN Teikota Go The Distance

PUPPY BITCH 10 Entries (Abs: 2)
1st: Ms P PYPER &Mr G ROACH Dankatcha Floryn Kundalini at Celticice
2nd: Mrs BJ & Mr W CLARK Polarpaws Apache Princess
3rd: Mr J & Mrs D KELSEY Chayo True Blue
Res: Mrs LI & Mr A HAYES Dankatcha Ananada At Hayloutopia
VHC: Mr I WILSON & Miss T HODGKISS Chayo Midget Gem

JUNIOR BITCH 5 Entries (Abs: 1)
1st: Mr J & Mrs S FINAN Polarpaws Chalcedony
2nd: Miss SP THOMPSON Chayo Northern Quest
3rd: Mrs M BUTLER Kaytoo Kandi Kandu
Res: Mr K & Mrs K HUNTER Tuvaurat Miss America

POST GRADUATE BITCH 26 Entries (Abs: 5)
1st: Mr D PORRITT Cedarcreek Angel of Mercy
2nd: Mrs C JOHN Cristakell Simoom
3rd: Mr G & Mrs A HUTCHCROFT Snowchaser Shooting Star At Polarrun
Res: Mr & Mrs G ROBINSON Gohykin Million Dollar Girl
VHC: Mrs J BROOK Arctictreks Skyes the Limit of Snobruk

LIMIT BITCH 14 Entries (Abs: 6)
1st: Mr S & Mrs V MARLE Kaiyuh Lucky Chance
2nd: Mrs M BUTLER Kaytoo Where Legends ‘R’ Born
3rd: Miss L BETHWAITE & Mr J FORSTER Kaytoo Winter Wandaland of Kachemak
Res: Mrs H DUGGAN Casiat Chill Factor of Pelentan
VHC: Mrs A ROPER Blaiddeira Born To Be Wild

OPEN BITCH 17 Entries (Abs: 4)
1st: Mrs M BUTLER Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo
2nd: Mrs SA & Mr K SMITH Zeelukzak High Society
3rd: Ms A LISTER & Ms J SUGDEN Arctictreks Venus Rising
Res: Mr S & Mrs V MARLE Kaiyuh Lucky Chance
VHC: Mrs BA STANIER Arctictreks Solar Eclipse

Judge's Critiques

I would like to thank all exhibitors for an excellent entry. I was pleased to see most dogs presented in good condition with very few overweight. Tightly curled tails are still a problem, but temperaments were good on the day.

MPD (11,0)
1 Ellis Achak Domino. BP Nice black & white boy in good coat, nice head with dark eyes. Well balanced for his age with good bone, correct front, angulation, and tail set. Well presented and handled.
2 Lewis Kaiyuh Golly Gee. Another nice puppy, a little longer in leg than 1, shown in good coat, good size and substance, with correct proportions and good tail carriage. Moved well when settled.
3 Whitefield Kaiyuh Yukon Endevour.

PD (10,1)
1 Riggott Arctictreks Red Royal Wolf. This young red dog has a nice harsh coat good bone and correct front, well balanced with correct topline starting to show. Still a little loose in front.
2 Rushton & Moss Kegluneq Puff Daddy. Head good for his age with dark eye and correct ear set though a little too big at the moment he will grow into them as he matures, good angulation .Moved well.
3 Sapsford Dankatcha Jorgen Shiva.

JD (6,2)
1 Kendall Zeelukzak Dark Dream For Icetrekker. Scull broad and moderately rounded with well set ears and dark oblique eye. Correct top line, well balanced dog in fit condition with good angulation. Very true moving away & back. One to watch in future.
2 Williams Polarpaws Onyx Dream. In good coat, deep chest ,moderately sloping shoulders, nice head and expression with correct bite. Fairly dark eye.
3 Sugden & Blackwood Chayo Talk Of The North.

PGD (22,3)
1 Ellis Chayo Dom Perignon. Good spring of rib with good depth of chest. Moderate angulation with well let down hocks, sound legs and feet moved round the ring with ease. Well handled and presented.
2 Wanless Blacklotus Son Of A Witch At Northcoast (Imp). This dog has developed well for his age since I last saw him, he has a lovely head with correct eye shape, and set. In harsh coat, good construction with nice bone, and angulation. Moved with drive.
3 Montgomery Kaiyuh Fire Cracker.

LD (13,3)
1 Hall Chayo Alabama Slammer at McKinley’s. Well presented dog with nice front, good length of neck, bone and angulation. Would have liked slightly more length in leg. Moved well.
2 Botterill Ellis & Allen Keikewabics Shepherdsway Chayo TAF. Nice width to scull and muzzle, with good pigment ,ears well set but a little large good bone in proportion to size. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Tail a little tight.
3 Salter Dankatchas Tantenda at Tyetenda.

OD (BD & BOB) (12,4).
1 Phillip & Young’s Am & Can Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover’N Blk (Imp) Well presented and handled in excellent harsh coat. Dark almond shaped oblique eyes, and well furred small ears, good length of neck with correct sloping topline. Super bone. Deep chest, with good angulation front & rear. I was pleased to see him placed 4th in the working group.
2 Coman’s Arctictreks Georgia’s Dream At Wintalakes ShCm (Res BD). Good masculine head and expression, eyes a little lighter than 1, correct construction balance and topline. Good rear and side gait. Shown in fit condition and good coat.
3 Ellis’ Chayo Blue Thunder.

MPB (13,2a)
1 Ellis’ Chayo In Your Eyes. Pretty feminine puppy, nice broad muzzle with good depth of skull and well set ears. correct coat, carrying a little weight caused a slight roll over topline, but she moved soundly
2 Davies & McIver’s Tuvaurat American Girl Taf. Well balanced with nice head, eye & ear set and expression. Well boned straight front, good length of neck, and moved well.
3 Lewis’ Kaiyuh African Snocrystal.

PB (10,2a)
1 Roach & Pyper’s Dankatcha Floryn Kundalini at Celticice. In good coat, excellent tail set, good angulation and strong bone. Feminine head with correct ears and eyes and good length of neck. Moved well coming and going.
2 Clark’s Polarpaws Apache Princess. Attractive head and expression, good front, nice outline with moderately sloping shoulders and correct angulation.
3 Kelsey’s Chayo True Blue.

JB (5,1a)
1 Finan’s Polarpaws Chalcedony. Nicely put together , with good overall body shape ,good head with correct eye and ear set. Still a needs to tighten up a little on the move.
2 Thompson’s Chayo Northern Quest. This young girl has a lovely head and expression with her sloping top line coming along nicely. Strong deep chest with well sprung ribs and good front.
3 Butler’s Kaytoo Kandi Kandu.

PGB (26,5a)
1 Porritt’s Cedarcreek Angel of Mercy (RES BB) . Loved this girls tail set ,conformation and top line, good bone in proportion to her size and nice compact feet. Excellent harsh coat. moved with drive.
2 John’s Cristakell Simoom. Another nice girl with a beautiful head and expression, correct ear set and dark eye. Good length of leg with good bone and well let down hocks, held her topline well on the move.
3 Hutchcroft’s Snowchaser Shooting Star At Polarrun.

LB (14,6a)
1 Marle’s Kaiyuh Lucky Chance. Very attractive bitch in excellent coat , she has good conformation, and bone in proportion to her size. She moved round the ring with a steady balanced gait.
2 Butler’s Kaytoo Where Legends ‘R’ Born. Well constructed, she has a lovely outline with nice length of neck and good angulation. Effortless mover with good rear drive, well presented and handled.
3 Forster & Bethwaite’s Kaytoo Winter Wandaland of Kachemak.

OB (17,4a)
1 Butler’s Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo (BB). Mature bitch in excellent condition, feminine head ,good angulation, and a well plumed tail, with sound legs and feet, she moved round the ring with a balanced gait and continues to hold her topline well.
2 Smith’s Zeelukzak High Society. Excellent mover coming and going she moved round the ring with drive. Shown in fit condition, well boned, and in good coat, tail a little tight.
3 Sugden & Lister’s Arctictreks Venus Rising.