Alaskan Malamute Club open show 2008

Judge: Mrs Sharon Loades

Best in Show and Best Dog:  Arctictrek’s Georgia’s Dream at Wintalakes ShCM
Reserve Best in Show and Reserve Best Dog: Zeelukzak Magic Moment
Best Opposite Sex and Best Bitch:
Cinneli Trek De Eleanor
Best Puppy In Show: Sledog Forest Stream
Reserve Best Bitch: Arctictrek Kaos
Best Veteran In Show: Arctictrek’s Matanuska
Best Junior In Show: Akaila’s Wolfraven Tuk So (imp)

Minor Puppy Dog (7,1)
1st Sledog Forest Mist
2nd Polarpaws Inamorato
3rd Staggan’s Weylin Nightmare at Celticice
Res Staggan’s Masked Mayhem
VHC Polarpaws Pari Mi Gucci

Minor Puppy Bitch (9,2)
1st Sledog Forest Stream
2nd Sledog Forest Dawn for Cristakell
3rd Chayo Dream On at Shepherdsway
Res Sledog Forest Trail at Cherubini
VHC Koromandel Somebody Told Me

Puppy Dog (1,1)

Puppy Bitch (9,2)
1st Arctictrek Alana Surprise
2nd Tuvaurat Pepikokia
3rd Arcticdawn Free And Easy at Kaytoo
Res Koromandel Glamorous Indie
VHC Arcticdawn’s Girl Got Rhythm

Junior Dog (8,1)
1st Akaila’s Wolfraven Tuk So
2nd Vvanilla Snoman Del Biagio at Wintadreama
3rd Prince Marshall
Res Crystalcreek’s Snow Storm
VHC Scotiafirs Circle Of Life

Junior Bitch (12,2)
1st Shepherdsway Blackbird
2nd Scotiafirs A Star Is Born
3rd Polarpaws Cuba Blue
Res Cristakell Fur Tor
VHC Cristakell Mel Tor

Special Yearling Dog (8,4)
1st Hyteton Inbo Harvest Moon
2nd Prince Marshall
3rd Dankatcha Truarcticblue
Res Snowstruck Winter Magic

Special Yearling Bitch (9,2)
1st Cinneli Trek De Eleanor
2nd AM Ch. Nanuke’s Patience Is A Virtue (imp)
3rd Zeelukzak All Eyes On Me
Res Dankatcha Trukihberlite
VHC Articrainbow Girl Happy

Post Graduate Dog (17,3)
1st Zeelukzak Magic Moment
2nd Zeelukzak Bilbo Baggins
3rd Hawkam Leading The Trail
Res Sutarka Can Ya Feel The Force at Malmagic
VHC Stormchaser Prince of Darkness mit Marahootay

Post Graduate Bitch (23,4)
1st Cinneli Trek De Eleanor
2nd Arctictrek Idaho
3rd Arctictrek Treasure Of Gold at Blustag
Res Mottomo Kirei No Yukimigata (imp)
VHC Hawkam Last Chance

Limit Dog (14,4)
1st Polarpaws Tok Ranger
2nd Icescape Best Kept Secret
3rd Cedarcreek Delta Force
Res Achak Come Fly With Me for Ataneq
VHC Kaytoo Winter Mischief for Napamute ShCM

Limit Bitch (19,6)
1st Mountain Home Sledog Joy
2nd Polarpaws Naknek Dreamer
3rd Dankatcha Zudi at Catua
Res Icescape Catch Me If You Can
VHC Cristakell Simoom

Open Dog (9,0)
1st Arctictrek’s Georgia’s Dream at Wintalakes ShCM
2nd Mountain Home Sledog Pride (imp)
3rd Zeelukzak Dark Knight
Res Chayo Alabama Slammer at McKinleys ShCM
VHC Cinneli Delta Tag

Open Bitch (15,2)
1st Arctictrek Kaos
2nd Hawkam’s Harlequin ShCM
3rd Kaytoo Foxy Roxy
Res Dankatcha’s Shilling at Celticice
VHC Kegluneq Spirit of Thunder

Veteran Dog 7-9 Years (4,1)
1st AM/CAN Ch. Storm Kloud’s Uundercover N Blk (imp)
2nd Shepherdsway Black Warrior at Polarrun

3rd Arctictrek’s Lunar Rising

Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (8,1)
1st Cinneli Solkic Kia for Packice
2nd Arctictrek’s Solar Eclipse
3rd Arctictrek’s Lunar Light
Res Cinneli Kic Bolu for Hyteton
VHC Dankatcha’s Tahnees Shadow at Scotiafirs

Stud Dog (5,2)

1st Mountain Home Sledog Pride (imp)

2nd AM/CAN Ch Storm Kloud’s Uundercover N Blk (imp)

3rd Shepherdsway Black Warrior at Polarrun

Brood Bitch (7,0)

1st Polarpaws Grey Bear

2nd Polarpaws Pretty Woman

3rd Dankatcha’s Hot Fuss over Koromandel

Res Arctictrek’s Solar Eclipse

VHC Kaytoo Foxy Roxy

Import Dog/Bitch (7,3)

1st Akaila’s Wolfraven Tuk So

2nd Mountain Home Sledog Joy

3rd Vvanilla Snoman Del Biagio at Wintadreama

Res Stormchaser Prince Of Darkness mit Marahootay


Veteran Dog/Bitch 9 Years and Over (6,1)

1st Arctictrek’s Matanuska

2nd Jacbar Inca Emerald at Malnorska

3rd Arctictrek Ladi Ananya at Dankatcha

Res Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo

VHC Arctictrek’s English Rose

Brace (9,3)

1st River & Towers

2nd Coldham

3rd Smith

Res Dowsett

VHC Clark

Team (2,0)

1st Smith

2nd Stanier

Red (4,1)

1st Arctictrek Treasure Of Gold at Blustag

2nd Dankatcha’s Zudi at Catua

3rd Dankatcha Shivaya



Junior Handling – Judge: Mrs Victoria Partridge-Bebb


8-11 Years (3,1)

1st Zoe Perfitt

2nd Maddison Coldham

12-17 Years (7,0)

1st Charlotte John

2nd Kirsten Druce

3rd Hannah Jarvis

Res Francine Finan

VHC Lauren Perfitt


Rescue Stakes – Judge: Mrs Victoria Partridge-Bebb


Junior Dog or Bitch (11,7)

1st Achak Music Of The Night

2nd Staggan’s Masked Mayhem

3rd Prince Marshall

Res Tzebariki Tshajka Agent K Man In Black von Brandelle

Open Dog (9,2)

1st Cristakell Jump N Jak Frost

2nd Hawkam Leading The Trail

3rd Cherdene Sea Biscuit for Brandelle

Res Chayo Talk Of The North

VHC Snowstruck Winter Magic

Open Bitch (11,6)

1st Articrainbow Girl Happy

2nd Kegluneq Spirit Of Thunder

3rd Kaiyuh Dawn Star at Articrainbow

Res Sutarka Syriana

VHC Kaiyuh Precious Memories at Articrainbow