AMCUK Open Show 2007

AMCUK Open Show. May 20th 2007
Judge: Mr Steve Myring

Best in Show and Best Dog:  Hyteton Oopkoo Indian Dream at Sledog
Reserve Best in Show and Reserve Best Dog: Tuvaurat American Dream at Icycool
Best Opposite Sex and Best Bitch:
Dankatcha’s Zudi at Catua
Best Puppy In Show: Hyteton Harvest Husk
Reserve Best Bitch: Snowolf Chicago Sal for Wolfraven
Best Veteran In Show: Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo ShCM
Best Junior In Show: Kegluneq Cassanova

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Snobruk Ice Drifter
2nd Snowstruck Winter Magic

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Myatuk Ice Moon

Puppy Dog
1st Hyteton Harvest Husk
2nd Hyteton Inbo Harvest Moon
3rd Hawkam Leading The Trail
Res Hyteton Inbo Harvest Garner
VHC Hawkam Limited Edition

Puppy Bitch
1st Articrainbow Happy Girl
2nd Hawkam Leading Lady of Kachemak
3rd Hyteton Harvest Festival at Sledog
Res Hyteton Reiniama Goodum at Kirakoo
VHC Myatuk Ice Moon

Junior Dog
1st Kegluneq Cassanova
2nd Sutarka Can Ya Feel The Force at Malmagic
3rd Kegluneq X-Rated
Res Cedarcreek Cold As Ice
VHC Cedarcreek Chosen One

Junior Bitch
1st Cedarcreek Chill Factor
2nd Cedarcreek Driving Me Crazy
3rd Snowolf Westerngal via Hyteton
Res Cedarcreek Deepest Dream
VHC Articrainbow Happy Girl

Special Yearling Dog
1st Tuvaurat American Dream at Icycool
2nd Tuvaurat Made In America JW ShCM
3rd Lapema Gomez de Royito
Res Shepherdsway Red Diesel
VHC Arctictrek Silver Flint

Special Yearling Bitch
1st Jubilant Jolly Josie
2nd Arcticbreeze Lady Imocara
3rd Chayo True Blue
Res Polarpaws Pawnee Two Moons
VHC Polarpaws Apache Princess at Shamanictrax

Post Graduate Dog
1st Tuvaurat American Dream at Icycool
2nd Kegluneq National Pride at Icycool
3rd Mountain Home Sledog Pride
Res Polarpaws Onyx Dream
VHC Polarpaws Spartan at Marahootay

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Koldsnap Stormy Blue at Arcticbreeze
2nd Hyteton Apollo Phoebe
3rd Gohykin Million Dollar Girl
Res Kegluneq Sweet Victory at Staggan
VHC Shepherdsway Night Shadows at Icycool

Limit Dog
1st Tuvaurat Akimarug Amani ShCM
2nd Icescape Best Kept Secret
3rd Hyteton Athinademilo at Sledog
Res Hyteton Athina Galonn for Cherubini
VHC Snowolf Long Island T

Limit Bitch
1st Dankatcha Zudi at Catua
2nd Polarpaws Baby Bear at Marahootay
3rd Polarpaws Naknek Dreamer
Res Kegluneq Spirit of Thunder
VHC Polarpaws Chalcedony at Marahootay

Open Dog
1st Hyteton Oopkoo Indian Dream at Sledog
2nd Hyteton Boindy Resolute ShCM
3rd Cinneli Delta Tag
Res Hyteton Massachusetts Boss
VHC Hyteton Oopkoo Trailblazer at Conyzone

Open Bitch
1st Snowolf Chicago Sal for Wolfraven
2nd Kaiyuh Lucky Chance
3rd Cinneli Solkic Kia for Packice
Res Snowolf Winter Reflection for Icescape
VHC Cinneli Kicsol Sky

Veteran Dog (7-9 Years)
1st Arctictrek’s Lunar Rising

Veteran Bitch (7-9 Years)
1st Snowolf Affair to Remember
2nd Arctictreks Lunar Rising
3rd Arctictrek Indian Princess von Polarpaws
Res Anuvak Legend of Wintersperre
VHC Arctictrek Apache Queen von Polarpaws

Stud Dog

1st Shepherdsway Wovoka of Snowolf

Brood Bitch

1st Snowolf Affair to Remember
2nd Arctictrek Indian Princess von Polarpaws
3rd Polarpaws Grey Bear
Res Arctictrek Apache Queen von Polarpaws

Import Dog/Bitch

1st Mountain Home Sledog Pride


Veteran Dog/Bitch (9 Years and Over)

1st Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo ShCM
2nd Shepherdsway Wovoka of Snowolf
3rd Arctictrek’s Matanuska
Res Icestorm’s Team Spirit


1st Coldham
2nd Smith
3rd Dowsett
Res Bartlett


1st Smith

1st Dankatcha Zudi at Catua


Junior Handling – Judge: Mrs G Cameron

8-11 Years

1st Maddison Coldham
2nd Natasha Coldham

12-17 Years

1st Francine Finan
2nd Charlotte John


Rescue Stakes – Judge: Mrs G Cameron


Junior Dog or Bitch

1st Hawkam Leading Lady of Kachemak
2nd Articrainbow Happy Girl
3rd Arctictrek Spirit o’ Cherish
Res Hawkam Krusin’ On By to Kachemak
VHC Hawkam Leading The Trail

Open Dog

1st Tuvaurat Made In America JW ShCM
2nd Hyteton Athina Galonn for Cherubini
3rd Chayo Alabama Slammer at McKinleys
Res Zeelukzak Dark Dream for Icetrekker
VHC Cristakell Jump N Jak Frost

Open Bitch

1st Polarpaws Naknek Dreamer
2nd Kaiyuh Precious Memories at Articrainbow
3rd Kegluneq Spirit of Thunder
Res Dankatcha Zudi at Catua
VHC Kaiyuh Dawn Star at Articrainbow