AMCUK open show 2006

AMCUK Open Show May 2006

Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott

BEST IN SHOW: Polarpaws Tok Ranger
Reserve Best In Show: Polarpaws Call of the Wild at Dealtree
Best Opposite Sex: Polarpaws Chalcedony
Best Dog: Polarpaws Tok Ranger
Reserve Best Dog: Polarpaws Call of the Wild at Dealtree
Best Bitch: Polarpaws Chalcedony
Reserve Best Bitch: Hyteton Boindy Unshakeable
Best Puppy In Show: Arctictreks Mat-Su Red King

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Kaiyuh Yukon Endeavor
2nd Kaiyuh Golly Gee
3rd Kaiyuh Mongoose
4th Artctibreeze Deucati Dee
5th Tuvaurat American Dream

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Kaiyuh African Snocrystal
2nd Kaiyuh Precious Memories
3rd ArticBreeze Lady Imocara
4th Kaiyuh Lady in Waiting
5th Kaiyuh River Ice Dancer

Puppy Dog
1st Arctictreks Mat-Su Red king
2nd Seeones Supersitition
3rd Shepherdsway Bojangle for Snowrunners
4th Rustic Wolf Warrior
5th Shepherdsway the Wanderer

Puppy Bitch
1st Midnight Snoflame
2nd Polarpaws Pawnee Two Moons
3rd Kaiyuh precious memories
4th Polarpaws Apache Princess
5th Jubilant Jolly Josie

Junior Dog
1st Chayo Talk of the North
2nd Zeelukzak Dark Knight
3rd Polarpaws Onyx dream
4th Polarpaws Tigers Eye
5th Snowolf Hoosier Hotshot

Junior Bitch
1st Kaytoo Kandi Kandu
2nd Austmans Darkness and Light
3rd Chayo Northern Quest
4th Artictrek Shoshone Gold
5th Polarpaws Pawnee Two Moons

Yearling Dog
1st Polarpaws Call of the Wild at Dealtree
2nd Cherdene Sea Biscuit for Brandelle
3rd Snowtrails need for Speed

Yearling Bitch
1st Polarpaws Chalcedony
2nd Shepherdsway Night Shadows
3rd Polpaws Fatal Attraction
4th Blacklotus Wild Wild Witch
5th Cherdene Gis A Bit for Brandelle

Post Graduate Dog
1st Polarpaws Tok ranger
2nd Zeelukzak bilbo Baggins
3rd Kaiyuh African Memories
4th Cristakell Tramonto at Snowtip
5th Snowolf New York Smoothie

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Polarpaws Baby Bear
2nd Snowtrails Wild Windryder
3rd Wintersperre Goldenrae of Tolenta
4th Chayo Delta Blue
5th Koldsnap Stormy Blue at Articbreeze

Limit Dog
1st Hyteton Athinademilo at Sledog
2nd Hyteton Athina Galonn for Cherubini
3rd Hawkams Ice?n?Easy
4th Kaytoo Winter Storm
5th Hawkams Initowinit

Limit Bitch
1st Hyteton Boindy Unshakeable
2nd Anuvak Ledgend of Wintersperre
3rd Kaytoo Where legends are Born
4th Shepherdsway Regal Queen of Casiat
5th Kaytoo Foxy Roxy

Open Dog
1st Arctictrek Georgia’s Dream at Winterlakes
2nd Hyteton Boindy Resolute
3rd Kegluneq Staggan the Wolf at Staggan
4th Hyteton Oopkoo Indian Dream at Sledog
5th Winterwinds Sweet Surrender

Open Bitch
1st Cedarcreek Born Survivor
2nd Hyteton Rebkis Emerly
3rd Arctitrek Venus Rising
4th Snowolf Chicago Sal for Wolfraven
5th Hyteton Georgia Lucy of Austmans

Veteran Dog (7 – 9 Years)
1st Hawkams Forever at Snowtrails

Veteran Bitch (7 – 9 Years)
1st Artictrek English Rose

Veteran Dog or Bitch (9 Years or over)

1st Arctictrek Kyote Girl at Kaytoo
2nd Can Ch Shepherdsway Phantom Scout
3rd Hyteton Ka-Piette of Snowolf