Three Counties 2024

Judge: Miss NJ Singh

BEST OF BREED: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek JW (Imp RUS)

Dog Challenge Certificate: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek JW (Imp RUS)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate: Ms J PHOENIX Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW 
Bitch Challenge Certificate: F ZETTIN Mazurstar Mamba Berry 
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate: Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Ch You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp DEU) 
Best Puppy In Breed: Miss S WOLFE Souvenir Of Sitka’s Unfinished Business avec Dreamwolves NAF TAF
Best Veteran In Breed: Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Ch You Are The One of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp DEU)

Puppy Dog (Entries: 9) Abs: 3
1st: Miss S WOLFE Souvenir Of Sitka’s Unfinished Business avec Dreamwolves NAF TAF 
2nd: Miss F MORRIS Chayo Top Gun 
3rd: Ms S GIBSON Boreal Routes Conundrum for Ahtohallan (Imp SWE)
Reserve: Mrs A ALEXANDER Okinastar Powerful Legacy 
VHC: Ms L HOLT Breconfrost He’s Magicial (ai) 

Junior Dog (Entries: 2) Abs: 1
1st: Mrs S & Mr K HOOLEY Black Stripe at Dokkalfar 

Post Graduate Dog (Entries: 3) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs SJ LOADES Snowolf Blackpowder Charge 
2nd: Misses K & C DRUCE Kaskae Hell of A View (ai) 
3rd: Mr J & Mrs H HENWORTH Snowolf Shot At The Knight to Wolfraven 

Limit Dog (Entries: 8) Abs: 2
1st: Miss AL DARLOW Iceclimb Ascent 
2nd: Ms J PHOENIX Snow Legend Zenith Of Fame Nordicwinds JW (Imp RUS)
3rd: Mrs SJ LOADES Whitewalker’s Winter Snowolf
Reserve: Mr D & Mrs E WALKER Lueldar Here Comes The Son Ir Jch 
VHC: Mr B & Mrs S INNES Icycool Hudson Bay (ai) 

Open Dog (Entries: 10) Abs: 3
1st: Mr P & Mrs M PAGE Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek JW (Imp RUS)
2nd: Ms J PHOENIX Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW 
3rd: Mrs KL JELFS Ch Lapema Malizioso 
Reserve: Mrs A ROPER ROM GCh Swiss/Bel Ch Libertia Never Say Never Tokosha (IKC) 
VHC: Miss G KEELING Ir Ch Kishdigra Smooth Operator Cw22 An Ch22 Cent W Cent Ch

Veteran Dog (Entries: 3) Abs: 0
1st: Mrs G & Miss R WOODHEAD Noraisy Take My Breath Away JW 
2nd: Mrs A NEVINSON Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM 
3rd: Mrs AE ANDERSON Cherubini Atene Cinquale

Puppy Bitch (Entries: 11) Abs: 3
1st: Miss G KEELING Kishdigra For The Love Of A Criminal RAF 
2nd: Mrs A ALEXANDER Okinastar She’s A Legacy 
3rd: Mrs JGM LOCHT-SCHOUTON & Miss S WOLFE Uhad Me At Hello Dreamwolves De Laouen Ki 
Reserve: Mrs S & Mr K HOOLEY Batkennels Magic Soho 
VHC: Misses D & A HUGHES Arctictribes Strange Magic

Junior Bitch (Entries: 4) Abs: 2
1st: Miss AL DARLOW Juneau’s Bright Future for Iceclimb (Imp DNK)
2nd: Mr & Mrs J SHEEHAN Powderhound’s Sparks Will Fly at Amaqqut (Imp USA)

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries: 3) Abs: 1
1st: Miss RJ BROWN Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov for Cupun (Imp UKR)
2nd: GE PRITCHARD Snobruk Best Kept Secret 

Limit Bitch (Entries: 8) Abs: 3
1st: Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Whitewalker Winter’s Gold 
2nd: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Fendi L’aquarossa 
3rd: Mrs J HAYWOOD & Mrs G ROBERTSON Winterchill’s Dark Mischief of Winterscall (Imp CAN)
Reserve: Miss A BOGLE & Mr R HORSFIELD Cahppes Tailwind Takala at Valknut (Imp SWE)
VHC: GE PRITCHARD Snobruk Best Kept Secret 

Open Bitch (Entries: 12) Abs: 2
1st: F ZETTIN Mazurstar Mamba Berry 
2nd: Miss RJ BROWN Cupuns Masterpiece
3rd: Miss T, Mrs R & Mr A ROBB Icewolf Jupiter Rising Reserve: Mr D & Mrs E WALKER Slo Ch Lueldar Got Something To Say To You Ir Jch Club Winner 23 
VHC: Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Whitewalker Winterfell 

Veteran Bitch (Entries: 11) Abs: 6
1st: Mr I PULLIN & Miss K MOUNTSTEPHENS Ch You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp DEU)
2nd: Mrs E EDWARDS & Mr S MOLLOY Bel Ch Wintablizard’s Gin Lover (ai)
3rd: Mrs G & Miss R WOODHEAD Koromandel Rushin Around at Noraisy 
Reserve: Mr G ROACH & Miss PA PYPER Celticice Selma Saorla 
VHC: Misses DOBSON & WOLFE Sutarka La Dolle Vita 

Judge's Critiques

Thank you to Helen Wayman & the Three Counties committee for the invitation. This engagement was carried forward from the cancelled 2021 show, so this rescheduled appointment allowed me to award my sixth set of CCs in Mals. A huge thank you to the exhibitors for a super entry of wonderful dogs & for the very pleasant atmosphere around the ring. Thank you also to my two lovely stewards, who were so very
competent & efficient.
This breed should be shown in athletic & well-muscled condition (puppies excepted). Unfortunately, some dogs lost places due to carrying too much weight, or being unfit, which affected the fluidity of their movement. In a slow maturing breed, it was great to see such lovely veterans in both sexes.

Puppy Dog (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Wolfe’s Souvenir Of Sitka’s Unfinished Business Avec Dreamwolves NAF TAF – 8 months. Super head for one so young, correct eye shape & set, with lovely small ears, perfectly set. Excellent muzzle width/depth & a nice gentle stop. He had a strong neck into a solid topline, a little level at this age, but plenty of time for that to change. Lovely outline, perfect height to length ratio with nicely balanced moderate angulations. Front pasterns just need to strengthen. Correct size, shape & depth to feet. Nicely let down hocks. Liked his bone & substance & he was in great condition with a well-muscled loin. Excellent coat. He moved beautifully, giving a balanced side gait. I had no hesitation in awarding him BP.
2nd: Morris’ Chayo Top Gun – 8 months. Not quite the head of 1, underjaw a little shallow, but liked his gentle stop & eye shape. Ears were in proportion to head & well set. He excelled in his front assembly, with matching rear angulation. A solid topline, with a very slight slope. Chest coming on very well. Another with a lovely height to length ratio, with the correct length of rib & loin. Very nice depth to his feet & correct size for his bone. Front pasterns could be a touch stronger in the coming towards. Rear pasterns correct height. OK tail, great coat. In good condition, he moved well in side gait.

Junior Dog – (2 entries) Abs: 1
1st: Hooley’s Black Stripe At Dokkalfar – 17 months. Sweet expression, with lovely small, well set ears. A smaller sized dog but, just about in proportion at this age. Moderate angulation both front & rear. Loin a little shorter than ideal to balance to his rib length. Would prefer a little more length to neck, to give a nice arch. Solid topline.

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0. A lovely class of three really promising dogs.
1st: Loades’ Snowolf Blackpowder Charge – 19 months. Such a lovely masculine head without being course. Correct eye shape & set. Excellent small, well set/shaped ears. Good pigment. Strong neck which arched nicely into his slightly sloping solid topline, which was held firm. Balanced moderate angulations both shoulder & stifle. Super width & depth of chest for this age. Correct bone & substance for size. Gave such a correct outline with spot on height/length ratio and leg length/chest proportions. Well-muscled correct length loin & nice spring of rib. Broad, well-muscled thigh. Sufficient sized feet. In fit condition, with no excess weight. Nice tail & excellent coat. True coming & going, with a great balanced side gait, that showed such power. One to watch for the future.
2nd: Druce’s Kaskae Hell Of A View – 2 ½ years. Nicely maturing head, with correct muzzle depth and stop. Fair eye shape, a touch light. Fair sized ears, set well. Correct length of neck, with a nice arch. Solid topline, which was held well. Moderate balanced shoulder & stifle angles. Excellent height/length ratio. Strong loin that was well muscled. Correct rib length & spring. Chest is coming on well. Good tail into a correct croup. Great coat & texture. Correct almost vertical front pasterns, but did stand 10/2 on occasion. Satisfactory sized feet. In excellent condition, which showed
on the move. Won his place on maturity.

Limit Dog (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Darlow’s Iceclimb Ascent – 6 years. Lovely, broad mature head. Great eye shape & set, with a gentle stop. Excellent muzzle width & depth. Strong neck into a very slight sloping, solid topline. Loved his chest depth/width & forechest. Excellent bone & substance. Strong pasterns & good hock length. Correct feet shape, size & depth. A bit out of coat, but correct harsh texture. Nice tail set & carriage. Would prefer him a touch shorter in body for perfect proportions. In excellent hard condition, with a well-muscled loin. So together on the move, he epitomises the phrase ‘easy, tireless, rhythmic movement’ with his excellent reach & drive. True coming & going.
2nd: Phoenix’s Snow Legend Zenith Of Fame Nordicwinds JW (Imp Rus) – 3 years. Good typical, broad male head, with a very gentle stop. Matching muzzle to size of head. Lovely eye shape & set. Great small size/shaped ears, well set. Super arched, strong neck, into a good solid, gently sloping topline. Loved his angulations, front & back, with a good forechest. Excellent spring of rib, well-muscled loin, a touch shorter than ideal to balance to rib length. Great strong pasterns & nice height for hocks. Well off for bone & substance. Sufficient sized feet. Super coat. Tail could be looser. In great condition, with no excess weight. He was a little erratic on the move, but I managed to see enough to reward his ground covering,
balanced movement.

Open Dog (10 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Page’s Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek JW (Imp Rus) – 6 years.  What a superb example of the breed. He has everything I was looking for, all in moderation, with nothing overdone and he oozed breed standard. His outline was absolutely spot on for proportions. Handsome broad, masculine head, with perfect eye shape & set, gentle stop. Such lovely, small well set & shaped ears. Excellent muzzle proportions. Loved his feet size & nicely arched toes. Super balanced angulations. Excellent depth/width of chest, and good forechest. Strong arched neck into his gently sloping topline, which was held solid on the move. Strong pasterns & great length of hock. Not in completely full coat, but excellent texture. In well-muscled, hard condition, with no excess weight. Excellent bone & substance for size. Nice tail set & croup, perfectly acceptable trailing his tail at times. His movement was his crowning glory in side gait and away & back. Such powerful drive, this is the dog I would want to have on my team to get me home! CC & BOB
2nd: Phoenix’s Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW – 3 years. Another with a lovely, masculine head, not course at all. Perfect eye shape & set. Fair ear size & correct set. Good muzzle length/depth for size of head. Correct balanced angulations and height/length proportions, lovely leg length. Super arched neck. Topline had a very slight slope, held firm. Chest is a good width & sufficient depth. A little lighter in bone than 1, but sufficient for size. Correct size & depth to feet. Lovely well let down hocks. Not in completely full coat, but correct texture, nice tail set & carriage. In absolutely perfect athletic, well-conditioned & well-muscled body, which showed in his movement, he powered around the ring in side gait. No wasted energy, just fluid movement. RCC

Veteran Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Woodhead’s Noraisy Take My Breath Away JW – 7 years. Standard sized boy. Such a sweet expression on this boy, he had a masculine, broad head & lovey, small, correctly shaped/set ears. Great muzzle & underjaw. Just a little more pronounced in his stop, eyes could be a touch more almond shaped & darker. Lovely, correct angulations, which showed in his powerful, balanced movement. In great condition with good bone & substance. I liked his overall proportions in height/length & rib/loin. Fair neck length. Great chest for width & depth. Lovely broad thigh. Strong pasterns & good feet. Solid, sloped topline, held strong on the move. Great coat. Correct tail set & carriage. Shame to meet such a great bitch in the veteran challenge, as he was a very nice example.
2nd: Nevinson’s Ch Chayo Golden Touch ShCM – 9 years. Super head on this boy, everything was correct, just a touch lighter in eye. Strong neck, very slight slope to his solid topline. Great shoulder/upper arm, but a touch straighter in stifle angulation. Excellent bone & substance. Correct length/height ratio, with a nice depth of chest. Excellent feet size & shape. Good strong pasterns, true coming & going. Gave the overall appearance of power & strength. Fair coat & good tail. Not quite settled in his movement today.

Puppy Bitch (11 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Keeling’s Kishdigra For The Love Of A Criminal RAF – 8 months. Larger girl. Very pretty, feminine head. Loved her gentle stop and eye shape & set, which gave such a soft expression. Muzzle was of good proportions. Good pigment. Ears a touch large in proportion at this age, plenty of time to grow into them. Great, balanced angulations. Strong pasterns & nice let down of hock. Good bone. Super chest width & depth for age. Correct length/height, nice length of loin. Topline was a touch reversed at the moment, again, this will change with age. Super coat & texture, great tail. A touch heavy in condition, but forgivable in a puppy. Moved sufficiently well for age & was true coming & going.
2nd: Alexander’s Okinastar She’s A Legacy – 6 months. Strong head on this girl, with a lovely eye shape & set. Good muzzle proportions. Again, ears too large at this age for proportion to head, but plenty of time to grow into. Really liked her overall body proportions, great rib & loin ratio. Correct neck arch. Already showing a slight slope to her topline, which was firm. Good, moderate angulations both front & rear, which added to her lovely outline. Such a nice forechest, chest is coming on for depth. In great condition & muscle. Correct pasterns & feet. Harsh texture to coat & good tail. She didn’t make the best of herself on the move, but at such a young age, that will come – I saw enough to see her promising movement.

Junior Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Darlow’s Juneau’s Bright Future For Iceclimb (Imp Dnk) – 14 months. Clearly a feminine head, but not weak. Lovely dark pigment. Eyes could be a touch more almond shaped & a touch heavy in stop. Lovely muzzle. Ears a touch large & low set at the moment, but plenty of time for this to
change. Super neck into a gently sloping topline, held firm. Moderate balanced angulations front & rear. Liked her overall balance in body proportions. Chest is coming on. Strong pasterns, with correct hock length. Would prefer a little more bone. Great feet for depth. Excellent coat texture. Good tail. Shown in great condition & pipped 2 on muscling. Moved steady & well balanced in side gait and was true coming & going.
2nd: Sheehan’s Powderhound’s Sparks Will Fly At Amaqqut (Imp Usa) – 12 months. Strong head, with nice eye shape & set. Lovely gentle stop, with a correct proportioned muzzle. Again, ears a touch large & low set, but time for this to change. Excellent bone & substance. Super feet with lovely depth. Strong hocks. Moderate angulation in rear a touch straighter in shoulder. At that age when she is a little long in body & level in topline, but age is on her side. Completely out of coat, but correct texture. OK tail. Well handled, showed promising movement.

Post Graduate Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Brown’s Rumba Vasilyev Ostrov For Cupun (Imp Ukr) – 18 months. Such a beautiful, feminine head. Loved her eye shape & set, which gave such a sweet, soft expression. Really lovely muzzle proportions & gentle stop. Small well-proportioned ears & great shape/set. Loved her strong, slightly arched neck & her solid, very slight sloping topline, which was held firm on the move. Moderate almost perfectly balanced angulations, if I was being ultra-critical, I would just like a touch more bend to her stifle, but that said, she was just beautiful in outline for her age. Loved her height/length proportions and her leg length was spot on. Great width & depth to chest for her age & good forechest. Strong pasterns & her hock length was well let down, good feet. Perfect rib to loin ratio. In tip top condition & muscle. Completely out of coat but correct texture. Nice tail set, she did tighten her carriage on the move at times, but at rest it was just right. She just excelled in her movement, which was impressive for one so young. Her condition & conformation, clearly contributing to this. Just loved her balanced angles in her foot placement and her reach & drive. True coming & going.
2nd: Pritchard’s Snobruk Best Kept Secret – 3 years. Strong head, with a super eye shape, good muzzle. Broad skull and good ear set. Lovely width & depth to chest. Nice feet. Good coat. Excellent bone & substance. Could be a bit fitter. Tail could be looser. Just toing in a touch on the coming towards. Moved well in side gait.

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: Pullin & Mountstephen’s Whitewalker Winter’s Gold – 2 ½ years. Pretty, feminine head, with an excellent gentle stop. Lovely, soft expression. Perfect eye shape & set. Great muzzle proportions. Good sized ear, excellent set. Great length of neck into a very slightly sloping, firm topline. Loved her shoulder/upper arm and her matching stifle. Perfect height/length & rib/loin ratio, with great leg length. Nice chest depth & width, with great forechest. Sufficient feet for size, good depth. Almost vertical front pasterns, could be a touch stronger in the coming towards. Strong hock joints. Sufficient bone & substance. In perfect fit condition, in great muscle all over. Super tail & angle of croup. Not if full coat, but correct texture. Excelled in movement, great reach & drive with correct angles.
2nd: Robb’s Icewolf Fendi L’Aquarossa – 2 years. Beautiful head on this girl with everything correct, excellent all round. Strong, gently arched neck into excellent, slightly sloping, firm topline. Not quite the upper arm and balance to shoulder of 1. Correct proportions to give a lovely outline. Nice rib/loin balance and loin was well-muscled. Great length of hock & front pasterns. Good feet for size & shape. Excellent tail carriage & great coat. Lovely bone & substance, in great condition. Steady, ground covering movement in side gait.

Open Bitch (12 Entries) Abs: 2
What a super class of really nice bitches.
1st: Zettin’s Mazurstar Mamba Berry – 23 months. The complete package from this young girl. Beautiful, feminine, completely correct head. Super width & depth of chest, with balance to leg length. Firm topline with a very slight slope. Such great bone & substance. Loved her broad thigh, well-muscled throughout. Balanced moderate angulations front & rear. Stood all 4 feet perfectly. Great strength to pasterns, absolutely true coming & going. A touch compact, I just preferred the length of body on the male in the BOB challenge. Shorter coat with great texture. Great tail set & carriage. So well presented & handled. Moved with super balance in reach & drive, really showing off her condition & conformation beautifully. CC & BOS
2nd: Brown’s Cupuns Masterpiece – 4 years. Strong head, with lovely muzzle proportions & gentle stop. Nice eye shape & set. Fair ear size & good set. Lovely arch & strength to neck. Great front assembly, with matching rear. Super, sloping topline, held firm both standing & moving. Balanced chest depth to leg length. Rib length a touch long to complement loin length, which was well-muscled. Front pasterns could be stronger in the coming towards. Well let down, strong hocks. Fair feet size. Correct tail set & carriage. Shorter coat with great texture. Lovely broad, well muscled thigh. In super condition all round. Her side gait was excellent, showing great reach & drive, with such balance.

Veteran Bitch – (11 Entries) Abs: 6
1st: Pullin & Mountstephen’s Ch You Are The One Of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp Deu) – 8 years. What a super all round girl. Such a pretty, feminine head, without being weak. Lovely eye shape & set, great gentle stop. Her expression was soft & sweet. Good muzzle proportions, with lovely underjaw. Correct ear size, shape & set. Lovely strong neck, with a gentle arch. Super strong topline, with a slight slope, held so well on the move. Excellent chest width/depth, correct leg length. Loved her height/length proportions which gave such a lovely outline. In perfect condition & muscle with sufficient bone & substance. Strong, correct pasterns & hock length. Out of coat, but correctly textured. Good tail set & croup angle – perfectly acceptable trailing tail at times. This is how the breed should move, just loved watching her moving steady around the ring, with such an open shoulder & powerful drive. She had such balanced angles from her perfect foot placement. No wasted energy, just fluid, economical movement. Unfortunate to meet the open bitch today.
2nd: Edwards & Molloy’s Bel Ch Wintablizard’s Gin Lover (AI) – 8 years. Strong head with super broad skull, whilst still being feminine. Good eye shape & set, with nice gentle stop. Great muzzle proportion. Nice ear shape & set. Balanced, moderate angulations, both front & rear, which gave a super outline. Firm, very slightly sloping topline. Good spring of rib & length, to good loin length. Great sized feet & depth. Strong pasterns & great hock length. Super bone & substance. In lovely coat and nice tail set & carriage. Just had a slight roll over her shoulders, so was not able to match 1 on the move today, but showed great balance & power.

Nicola Singh